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6 Bianco di Custoza doc 2019
31.25€ Ex Tax: 31.25€

PRODUCER: Azienda Vinicola Farina REGION: Veneto DENOMINATION: Custoza doc GRAPES: 40% Garganega, 25% Trebbiano, 15% Fernanda, 20% Malvasia, Riesling italico, Chardonnay and Sauvignon ALCOHOL: 12% CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Pale straw yellow color. The nose is floral and fruity, with notes of banana, elderberry and hawthorn, which then mature in plums, rennet apples, pineapple. On the palate it is delicate, harmonious and lively. Excellent with appetizers, light dishes and fish. Unequaled as an aperitif...

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6 Bianco di Toscana igt - La Balena
110.00€ Ex Tax: 110.00€

TYPE: White REGION: Tuscany MANUFACTURER: Petra GRAPES: 100% Viognier CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Viognier is a white grape variety of Croatian origin, originally grown in the northern Rhone Valley. Long forgotten, it was recently rediscovered and its cultivation is now present not only in Italy and Europe, but also in Australia and California. Vinified alone, gives rise to a white from the bright yellow color, the scent of white flowers, citrus and Mediterranean herbs, the savory taste and very persistent. Produced by Petra in limited number of bottles, it is easily combined with fish, vegetables, eggs and goat cheese. HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 12-14 ° C..

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6 Bianco di Toscana igt 2018 - Vistamare
183.75€ Ex Tax: 183.75€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Bolgheri PRODUCER:Gaja - Cà Marcanda COMPOSITION: Chardonnay - Sauvignon Blanc - Vermentino - Viognier ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 13,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION:Vistamare is a wine with a straw yellow color with green highlights. The nose has hints of minerals with a final citrus like lemon and citron. In the mouth it is a balanced wine with flavors of honey, toasted almonds and a long, fresh. Excellent with fish dishes, sushi, shellfish, but also with medium-aged cheeses. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18 - 20 degrees centigrade..

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6 Bianco Friuli doc 2017 - Latimis
72.00€ Ex Tax: 72.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Friuli Venezia Giulia PRODUCER: Ronco del Gelso COMPOSITION: Friulano - Riesling - Pinot bianco r> CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: It is a blend made with Friulano, Riesling, Pinot bianco and a small percentage of aromatic Traminer, the proportions between the vines vary between one vintage and another. The personality of this wine is very linked to the presence of Riesling and Traminer which give it an intense aromaticity, of a Germanic type, while the Friulano gives it muscularity and the Pinot Blanc a ripe and fine fruit. It is vinified in steel where it remains in the refining phase always on the yeast until a few days after bottling. The vines that compose it are always well blended with each other as required for a blend or rather a more correct term vinification in this case. It is a balanced, fat, intense wine...

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6 Bianco igt - Primaluce
57.00€ Ex Tax: 57.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Colli Euganei PRODUCER: La Costa COMPOSITION: 60% Tai Bianco - 40% Pinot Bianco   ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 13 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: This wine is the fruit of a blend of Tai and Pinot Blanc grapes, coming from several vineyards located in the hillsides of the Cortelà area. The fruits obtained from these slopes give the wines an excellent structure and longevity.The aromatic charge that is developed thanks to a good temperature range between day and night is remarkable.The harvest is done at the first light of dawn, when the bunches are still fresh, in this way it is possible to process the product at a lower temperature, preserving its aromatic charge and preserving its freshness. Hence the label "Primaluce".The grapes arrived in the cellar are de-stemmed, cooled to a temperature of 8-9 ° C and softly pressed using a pneumatic press. The must obtained is placed in a steel tank for clarification. Once decanted, it is fermented..

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6 Bianco igt 2018 - Sotsas Cuvée
78.00€ Ex Tax: 78.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Alto Adige PRODUCER: Maso Cantanghel COMPOSITION: 40% Chardonnay - 40% Pinot Bianco - 20% Sauvignon Blanc CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: HARVEST Harvest last week of September or in early October depending on the year. Harvesting is done by hand in small boxes. AGING AND AGING The crushed grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate for a few hours in the press. It then runs the soft pressing of the grapes. The fermentation takes place partly in barriques. The resulting wine matures on the yeast fermentation until the summer awaiting bottling. SENSORY Bright yellow of medium intensity, very rich nose, complex, elegant. Good combination of the fruity-floral components and vanilla. Great structure, flavor and longevity. SERVING First courses in general, very good with those based on fish and shellfish. Main courses with fish from the lake or sea. Fresh cheese (sheep). TEMPERATURE 10-12 ° C..

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6 Bianco igt 2018 - Trevigne
49.25€ Ex Tax: 49.25€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Liguria PRODUCER: Bisson COMPOSITION: Bianchetta Genovese - Vermentino - Pigato CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Tasting Notes At the sight: STRAW YELLOW WITH PALE GHOST greenish The nose: SLIGHTLY AROMA OF FRESH SURPRISING On the palate: EASY DRY AND STRONG DRINK FRESH Accompaniments: SEAFOOD, tartar FISH, SUSHI, FRIES..

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6 Bianco igt 2019 - Father's Eyes
58.00€ Ex Tax: 58.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Friuli Venezia Giulia PRODUCER: Di Lenardo COMPOSITION: 100% Chardonnay Musque CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Wine of great persuasiveness with infinite sweetness of spices perfectly blended to smoothness of apples and sweet vanigliosi..

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6 Bianco igt 2019 - Father's Eyes Magnum
125.00€ Ex Tax: 125.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Friuli Venezia Giulia PRODUCER: Di Lenardo COMPOSITION: 100% Chardonnay Musque CONTENT: 1,5 l DESCRIPTION: Wine of great persuasiveness with infinite sweetness of spices perfectly blended to smoothness of apples and sweet vanigliosi..

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6 Bianco igt 2019 - Gossip
46.00€ Ex Tax: 46.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Friuli Venezia Giulia PRODUCER: Di Lenardo COMPOSITION: 100% Pinot Grigio Ramato CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The “GOSSIP” Pinot Grigio exhibits a beautiful, light copper color with luminescent clarity. The lush aromas include wild strawberry, elderberry, hay and dried roses with hints of dried fruits and almond. A beautiful balance of robust fruit and crisp acidity characterize the complex palate with flavors that mirror the notes found in the wine’s bouquet. The “GOSSIP” Pinot Grigio is a unique wine that offers a singular and ancient expression of the Pinot Grigio grape...

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6 Bianco Veronese igt 2018
33.00€ Ex Tax: 33.00€

PRODUCER: Azienda Vinicola Farina REGION: Veneto DENOMINATION: Bianco Veronere igt GRAPES: 70% Graganega, 30% Sauvignon and Chardonnay ALCOHOL: 12,5% CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Yellow color. The nose is reminiscent of wild flowers, green apple and golden drop plums, while in the mouth it is soft, well structured and leaves a pleasant note of apricot. Excellent with appetizers, first courses, fish and white meats. Unequaled as an aperitif...

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6 Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2014
133.00€ Ex Tax: 133.00€

NATION: Italy ZONE: Piedmont PRODUCER: Ottosoldi COMPOSITION: 100% Cortese di Gavi CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Obtained for 100% from Cortese grapes, according to the traditional Classic Method. This is an Extra Brut, vintage, produced in very few bottles each numbered. It comes from favorably exposed vines, located on a calcareous soil rich in mineral salts in an extraordinary vineyard amphitheater in the Gavi hills. After resting in the age-old Gavi cellars for at least 36 months on the lees and after the precious advice of his friend Pepi Mongiardino, he introduces himself to the rare wine enthusiast with his own personality, a clear identity that can be traced back to the Gavi territory. to its native vine. Conquer with a rich and enveloping entrance, great freshness, elegance and pleasantness of drinking. Suitable as an aperitif but excellent for drinking throughout the meal...

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6 Blanco de Sierra de Toloño Blanco 2018
85.50€ Ex Tax: 85.50€

MANUFACTURER: Sierra de Toloño AREA: Spain GRAPES: 100% Viura CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The vineyards were planted in small parcels or interspersed with vineyards of Tempranillo. The average annual production is 7,000 bottles. It is a wine that reflects the originality of the old Viura vineyards; expresses freshness and minerality, with a saline touch that invites you to drink. The primary aromas of white flowers give way to a complex body, elegant and velvety, with a sustained acidity...

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6 Bolgheri Bianco doc 2019 - Borgeri
73.50€ Ex Tax: 73.50€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Bolgheri PRODUCER:Giorgio Meletti Cavallari COMPOSITION: 70% Vermentino - 30% Viognier CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Straw yellow with green reflections, the nose has notes of citrus and yellow fruit, floral notes, good flavor and maturity, fresh and full-bodied with a lingering finish, steel wine without aging in wood, it makes the malolactic fermentation...

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6 Bordeaux Blanc 2016
76.00€ Ex Tax: 76.00€

MANUFACTURER: Ronan by Clinet AREA: France - Bordeaux GRAPES: 80% di Sauvignon - 20% di Sémillon CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: White Bordeaux, selected and assembled by the CHÂTEAU CLINET team (Pomerol), starting from the 2012 vintage. The vineyards are located in the highest part of the Gironde region, between Sauternes and Sait-Emilion. The view of the vineyard is exceptional. The combination of clayey-calcareous soils, the orientation of the vines and the altitude (145m) gives life to a white wine of the highest quality. Eco-sustainable viticulture methods (lutte raisonnée) are used. The vinification and the "sur lie" aging is carried out in stainless steel containers with maceration in contact with the skins and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature (16-18 °) Light and bright color with golden reflections. Complex aroma, with mineral notes and delicate and floral aromas, intensified by fragrances of white pulp and citronella fruit. Soft on the pala..

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