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12 Birra Amerino Edwige Blanche 0,33 l
42.90€38.50€ Ex Tax: 38.50€


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12 Birra Lupulus Brune
72.05€65.00€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

COUNTRY: Belgium MANUFACTURER: Les 3 Fourquets GRADATION: 8,5 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Craft beer from the Ardennes, rather dark.It differs from the classic brunettes in light and good citrus notes in the finish..

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150LBS Coffee Liqueur
60.00€18.50€ Ex Tax: 18.50€

NATION:  ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 18,0 CONTENT: 0,50 l Hundred Fifty LBS Coffee Liqueur is a coffee liqueur for the production of which the best beans from El Salvador and Cameroon have been used, transported in 150 Lbs jute bags, hence the name. These two beans are individually roasted to enhance and enhance their specific aromas. With a dense and deep flavor, it should be drunk simply with ice, or used instead of sweet vermouth in a Negroni, or again, taking advantage of its rich bitter cocoa note, for a wonderful Espresso Martini...

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6 Vino Spumante Extra Dry - Grej
33.00€22.00€ Ex Tax: 22.00€

NATION: Italy PRODUCER: La Tordera GRAPES: 100% Glera ALCOHOL: 11,5 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Glera "Grej" Extra Dry Spumante of La Tordera is born in this vineyard called Grej, sparkling wine lighter and even simpler in drinking, a symbol of celebration and inexhaustible source of joy. Brilliant color, straw yellow with greenish reflections, fine perlage, fruity aroma, slightly citrus. The taste is characterized by an elegant lightness. The citrus notes are also taken in the mouth with a soft finish of ripe peach. HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 6 - 8° C..

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Amaro Bonollo OF
49.00€43.00€ Ex Tax: 43.00€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Bonollo CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 30 DESCRIPTION: Amaro OF is an exclusive and inimitable sensorial experience. Born from the desire to propose a modern and innovative Amaro. Delicate on the nose, rich and balanced in the mouth. The fresh citrus tones of its character give way to the more traditional herbal notes that in turn evolve making you perceive the warm and intense hints of Grappa OF Amarone Barrique Bonollo...

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Amaro Nonino - Quintessentia
23.00€18.00€ Ex Tax: 18.00€

PRODUCER: Nonino ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 35,0 CONTENT: 0,7 l DESCRIPTION:Great personality, is a stylish liquor with an extraordinary scent of herbs, ennobled by ÙE® brandy aged in barrels of grapes. also wonderful as an aperitif with ice and orange slice..

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Amaro Prunella Mandorlata Nonino
23.00€17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

PRODUCER: Nonino ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 33,0 CONTENT: 0,7 l DESCRIPTION: Amber color, has a light and delicate liquor with an extraordinary scent of almond ennobled by the presence of plum brandy made according to the ancient, original recipe of Antonio Nonino...

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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico doc 2012
105.00€90.00€ Ex Tax: 90.00€

TYPE: Red REGION: Veneto AREA: Valpolicella MANUFACTURER: Bertani ALCOHOL: 1,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Bertani Amarone is one of the highest levels of the Italian wine tradition. His style is hard to beat a classic, which allows the Bertani to offer for sale vintages with more than thirty years and even surprising freshness and charm. It 'made ​​from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes from the best vineyards of the estate of Novare, and those selected in the municipalities of Marano and Fumane. Its classic style includes a long natural drying of the grapes already selected in the vineyard and aged for at least five years in oak barrels. These techniques make it definitely the last to be put on the market but also one of the longest among all the Amarnath HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 16-18 ° C..

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Aperitif de Normandie
48.50€17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

NATION:France ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 23 CONTENT: 0,70 l 30/40 Aperititif de Normandie is a handmade and original product developed in Normandy. The historical recipes of spirits called "rhumée", which associate the typical apple liqueur with the traditional calvados, aged in small oak barrels of Limousin, and Rhum, in this case coming from Belize, bring to a more contemporary taste. Very versatile, the Aperitif de Normandie can be tasted pure, with ice or tonic water...

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Assenzio Devoille Libertine Fleur D'Absinthe
-8% Sold out
Assenzio Devoille Libertine Fleur D'Absinthe
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Bas Armagnac Veuve Goudoulin Napoléon
55.55€45.00€ Ex Tax: 45.00€

TYPE: Bas Armagnac COUNTRY: France PRODUCER: Veuve Goudoulin ALCOHOL: 40,0 CONTENTS: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Located in COURRENSAN BAS ARMAGNAC, the Maison Veuve Goudoulin 'was founded in 1935 by Jeanne Goudoulin. From 1964 to April 2009 Maison 'was directed by his nephew Christian Faure. The current owner is Michel Miclo. The Bas-Armagnac is obtained according Goudoulin traditional methods, by distillation the best white wines of the region, using that the still "armagnacais" method that has the particularity 'to operate continuously. The distillates obtained are very fine and full of aromas, and they are then allocated to the various agings in oak barrels. The Veuve Goudoulin Armagnac are prestigious, with a delicate complexity and a remarkable persistence. Bas Armagnac with more than 6 years of aging Barrel (legislation requires a minimum 4 years). amber-colored brandy, bright and clear. The nose has aromas of pine, with a final vanilla. ..

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Bitter Barbieri 1 l
13.00€11.00€ Ex Tax: 11.00€

PRODUCER:Fratelli Barbieri ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 25 CONTENT: 1 l DESCRIPTION: Bright ruby red color, it releases intense notes of officinal herbs, bitter orange, spices and tamarind to the nose. At tasting it is initially sweetish, so it reveals all its bitter taste, fully proposing the citrus and spicy sensations. Smooth or with ice, alone or as an ingredient for tasty mix, Bitter Barbieri will give that extra touch, pleasantly bitter, to our aperitif...

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Bitter Marka
43.50€24.00€ Ex Tax: 24.00€

NATION: Norway ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 35,0 CONTENT: 0,50 l This bitter owes its name to the forest around the distillery, the Nordmarka forest. From this come the forest 16 plants that are part of the composition Marka, between which the tooth roots lion, meadowsweet, juniper, camomile, elderberry and angelic. The distillery Oslo Handverks-destelleri (Called OHD), located in the district of Bryn in Oslo, is the first distillery to have opened in the Norwegian capital in 1927. The ambition of this distillery? To revive the ancient savoir-faire. There first step? The study of plants and local spices. Hence Marka, typical bitter Norwegian...

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Brandy Alma De Magno Solera Reserva
17.00€13.00€ Ex Tax: 13.00€


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Brandy Metaxa 12 Stars
38.23€29.75€ Ex Tax: 29.75€


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