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6 Recioto della Valpolicella Classico docg 2017 0,5 l
142.50€ Ex Tax: 142.50€

TYPE: Sweet red REGION: Veneto AREA: Valpolicella MANUFACTURER: Cesari ALCOHOL: 13 CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION: The fruit of a mixture, consisting of about 65% of Corvina Veronese, 30% of Rondinella And 5% Molinara; The grapes intended for the production of Recioto are harvested With 1-2 weeks in advance compared to those for Valpolicella. During the harvest Only the perfectly integer and dry clusters are selected, then laid down, In low cassettes, with one layer of clusters. They remain dry in specials Well ventilated areas, called fruit trees, to avoid the risk of mold attack. The drying process lasts until the end of February, during these months the bunches Are constantly monitored and eventually removed if damaged. At the end Grapes lose 30-40% of their weight as they grow Sugar concentration, indispensable, during the subsequent fermentation, a Ensure a significant alcohol content (around 18%). Maceration is carried out in contact with the skins f..

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6 Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Le Calcarole 2018 0,375 l
151.50€ Ex Tax: 151.50€

TYPE: Desserts REGION: Italia-Negrar MANUFACTURER: Roberto Mazzi e Figli GRAPES: 65% Corvina, 10% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella e 5% Molinara CONTENT: 0,375 l DESCRIPTION: The color is deep ruby red; the perfume is of jam, dried flowers, tobacco and chocolate; the taste is elegant and velvety, with a return of perfumes...

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6 Recioto della Valpolicella Valpantena docg 2017 0,5 l
101.50€ Ex Tax: 101.50€

TYPE: Red sweet raisin REGION: Veneto AREA: Valpolicella MANUFACTURER: Bertani ALCOHOL: 13,0 CONTENT: 0,50 l DESCRIPTION: Bertani produces Recioto with the grapes from hills of Valpantena, the same variety with which It produces Amarone. It stems from the bunches smaller and better exposed to the sun, then dried for about three months on traditional "Arele". The typical cherry are enhanced in particular aging in cherry wood up to be a concentration of cherries and sour cherries. thick and velvety, Recioto is never cloying, leaving a palate clean with a hint of nuts that makes it unique in the panorama of sweet wines: sweet, intense red and the tannins of oak. It goes well with pastries oven and fruit tarts and even becomes intriguing while matching young cheeses and mustards HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 14-16 ° C..

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6 Recioto di Gambellara Classico docg - Capitel
95.00€ Ex Tax: 95.00€

REGION: Veneto MANUFACTURER: Cavazza GRAPES: 100% Garganega GRADATION: 12,5 CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION: We are linked to this wine as a childhood memory. And that's why we follow him throughout his journey: from the selection of the most golden Garganega bunches, to the withering of the ancient art of the "picai" and, finally, the hand pressing. All secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. After 24 months of French oak barrels, the Recioto is ready to get excited. Deep golden yellow color, on the nose it is intense and complex, with hints of toasted almonds, apricot jam, honey and caramel. On the palate it is warm, velvety, in perfect balance between acids and sugars. Traditionally it combines with dry pastries, but you can dare pairings with foie-gras and cheeses erborinati..

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6 Recioto Valpolicella Classica docg 2013
197.50€ Ex Tax: 197.50€

TYPE: Red REGION: Veneto AREA: Valpolicella MANUFACTURER: Zenato ALCOHOL: 14,5 GRAPES: 80% Corvina Veronese - 10% Rondinella - 10 % Oseleta CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION: The term Recioto derives from the Veronese dialect "reci", which means ears. This name indicates the side bunches crowning the main bunch and which were in the past considered to be the highest quality part: in fact, only the best part of the grapes can aspire. During harvesting, they choose the most spiky and healthier bunches, placed in small boxes inside special locales called "fruit", the essential feature of which is to be dry and well-ventilated. Here they rest until February, losing about 50% of their weight in the meantime. The dried grapes are then pig-smeared and made to macerate on the skins for at least 20 days. The fermentation temperature is between 20/22 ° to maintain the primary grape scents. The fermentation is slow and the ripening takes place in tonneaux for 24 months, with..

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6 Riesling Beerenauslese 2017 0,375 l
146.00€ Ex Tax: 146.00€

REGION: Austria-Wagram MANUFACTURER: Karl Fritsch GRAPES: 100% Riesling CONTENT: 0,375 l DESCRIPTION: The color is golden yellow; the perfume gives off peach and apricot aromas, typical of Riesling; the flavor has notes of honey...

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6 Rubacuori Rosso Da Uve Stramature Vdt
128.50€ Ex Tax: 128.50€

REGION: Italia-Oriolo-Faenza MANUFACTURER: Poderi Morini GRAPES: 100% Centesimino CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION: The color is intense ruby red; the perfume has hints of roses, violets, black cherries, with a noble spice of vanilla and chocolate; the taste is sweet, great balance and elegance, full and enveloping thickness with a silky, velvety and persistent finish...

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6 Santo Spirito
41.25€ Ex Tax: 41.25€

TYPE: white sweet REGION: Tuscany AREA: Florence MANUFACTURER: Marchesi de Frescobaldi GRAPES: 100% Trebbiano CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Holy Spirit is a fortified wine pleasantly aromatic and intense aromas of honey and dried fruit. Amber color, very clear and lively. The nose is manifested with fruity, as raisins and hazelnuts with a predominance of dried figs and nuance from the final date scents of vanilla. Round the palate, the right consistency. in final manifest aromas of almond level retrolfattivo. It goes well with shortbread biscuits, sweets made with dried fruit and especially the "cantuccini". HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 16 ° C..

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6 Sauternes Chateau Lange Reglat Aoc 2015
130.25€ Ex Tax: 130.25€

NATION: Francia ZONE: Bordeaux PRODUCER: Chateau Lange Reglat ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 13 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The production technique of this wine consists in harvesting the dried grapes from Botrytis Cinerea and selecting the individual grapes. Then an aging in new barriques will follow. It has aromas of dried fruit which give way to a rich and persistent palate..

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6 süßer weißer Nachtisch - Dulcis
70.00€ Ex Tax: 70.00€

REGION: Veneto MANUFACTURER: Cavazza GRAPES: 100% Moscato GRADATION: 11,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The best bunches of Moscato from the vineyards owned by the Cavazza family in the Berici Hills are selected and picked by hand. The drying in the fruit box in wooden boxes lasts until mid-November. Intense yellow color with golden reflections; scent of ripe fruit, with notes of sweet almond and honey; harmonious, warm, with a good persistence. Excellent as a meditation wine, it goes perfectly with all dry pastries, leavened desserts and chocolate..

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6 Süßwein - L'Angelo di San Lorenzo 0,375 l
220.00€ Ex Tax: 220.00€

TYPE: Sweet Wine REGION: Tuscany MANUFACTURER: Petra GRAPES: Malvasia - Trebbiano - Clarette - Vermentino CONTENT: 0,375 l DESCRIPTION: L’Angelo di San Lorenzo is produced with only one secret: to leave nature take its time and its rhythms. Every year, the best selection of clusters of these plants is made ripen in the hot sun of late summer. following an operation very delicate and precise collection, while further sugar concentration is achieved by hanging picked grapes parallel networks, aimed at well-ventilated rooms, where It let them dry for at least three months. Towards the end of the year, It proceeds to the crushing that occurs with the slow pace, but continuous, of traditional mechanical presses from which you get a sweet grape juice. Part from here the important phase of processing the juice in the wine, which occurs in old containers wooden. After a natural settling, fermentation It begins in a completely natural way, without the interventi..

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6 Traminer Passito 2016 - Aur
120.00€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Friuli Venezia Giulia PRODUCER: Ronco del Gelso COMPOSITION: 100% Gewürztraminer ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 14,0 CONTENT: 0,375 l DESCRIPTION:How does a wine? In a company like mine certainly I do not come from some kind of market research, but most easily by an intuition, a conviction of the undersigned or of another family member. I must honestly say that I never thought to make a sweet wine, but it is happening. For Aur went like this: a few years ago a neighboring property was put on our sales, the opportunity was tempting, bank loan and purchase made. So far so good, but I still had to deal with the real problem: the land of 18,000 square meters is planted with vines in Traminer and if there is a wine that I do not like is their dry Traminer. The friction between a sweet and aromatic nose and a dry mouth and salt is the opposite of the run I try to give my wines. In that time I have tasted many of Traminer from all over the world, but my belief has..

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6 Verduzzo Friulano doc 2015 - Tore delle Signore
68.00€ Ex Tax: 68.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Colli Orientali del Friuli PRODUCER: Conte d'Attimis COMPOSITION: 100% Verduzzo Friulano CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION:Wine produced in purity from Verduzzo Friulano " gold-plated " , indigenous grape of ancient origin which has experienced periods of strong (XVIII century) at the European courts they liked its unique characteristics : the balance between sweet and tannic components , its softness , the high residual sugar , combined with the roundness pleasant astringency , the beautiful golden color and the perfect combination of flavors and fragrances. Today a rational recovery of traditional winemaking practices and an annotated reading of biochemical phenomena involved has allowed an adjustment of the practices of yesterday to today's needs , the result is the Lord of Tore deeply rooted in the tradition of Friuli but wisely adapted to the current trends of taste and able to meet increasingly demanding palates . The manual harvest which takes place fro..

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6 Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico 2009 0,375 l
182.75€ Ex Tax: 182.75€

REGION: Italia-San Casciano in Val di Pesa MANUFACTURER: Villa del Cigliano GRAPES: 70% Trebbiano, 30% Malvasia CONTENT: 0,375 l DESCRIPTION: The grapes, harvested by hand making them chosen and dangling as per tradition, are hung in the company's ancient drying room for a period of 4-5 months. At the end of the drying process the grapes are selected again and then pressed. The must obtained is introduced into chestnut and oak barrels with a capacity of 30 to 100 liters, where it is left to ferment and mature for a period of 5 to 7 years. A period of about 2 years in glass follows before bottling...

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6 Vinsanto del Chianti doc 2015 Quaranta Altari
114.25€ Ex Tax: 114.25€

TYPE: white sweet REGION: Tuscany AREA: Florence MANUFACTURER: Marchesi de Frescobaldi GRAPES: Trebbiano Toscano - Malvasia Bianca Lunga CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Vin Santo del Chianti DOC, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca Long, it is a dessert wine that goes well with all the pastries Tuscany. IS advisable to serve it in large glasses. Forty Altars is golden yellow, tending to amber, bright and beautiful consistency. The nose shows a wealth olfactory consists of raisins, walnut, figs, prunes and honey. Remarkable taste-smelling: in the mouth is warm, round, balanced, it dismisses the palate with elegance and remarkable persistence. Sipping wine, it goes still happily fruit dry and sweet. Serve in large glasses HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 16 ° C..

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