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6 Alius ed idem igt 2011
119.25€ Ex Tax: 119.25€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: 34% Sangiovese, 33% Merlot, 33% Alicante CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: Born from a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Alicante Bouchet, for 15 months aged in oak barrels and then aged in the bottle. Its grapes come from the vineyards of Petraia and Buca delle Fate. Soft and fresh, spicy and fruity, enchanted but austere, in Alius et Idem the aromas of clove and juniper are intertwined with the tonicity of ripe blackberries and sour cherries. The result is an elegant, dynamic and engaging wine. Alius et Idem passes, changes, returns and every time it surprises because it is "always different and always the same"...

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6 Chianti Classico docg 2013
65.00€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: Sangiovese CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: It is a Chianti Classico from the soul of Sangiovese in purity, vinified in steel and long aging (18 months) in oak barrels. Its grapes come from several Fietri vineyards: Poggio Ciliegio, Vigna del Fontino, Vigna Curvone and Vigneto Fattoria. These requisites give the wine a powerful tannic texture, typical of Sangiovese, but also a notable variety of aromatic and gustatory aromas that alternate, opening up into an enthralling succession. We recognize the berries and violet cherries in the subtle tannins that make it a vital wine, melted and fresh in the gustative development, with a pleasant entry into the mouth. Then follow the scents spiced by the vaguely wild look of pepper, juniper and Mediterranean scrub. Here the balsamic notes and the iron touches outlined a sapid, austere and dense fabric, well-wrapped in the powerful acidity of the Chianti. At the end we find the hawthorn fro..

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6 Chianti Classico Riserva docg 2011
102.75€ Ex Tax: 102.75€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: Sangiovese CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: It comes from Vigna Poggio Ciliegio, where the Sangiovese has its roots in a clayey soil with abundant skeletal skeleton. The aromatic herbs, the small sylvan fruit and the spontaneous little flowers are captured. Thus begins the adventure of the Reserve. It is vinified in steel vats and then passes 20 days of malo-lactic fermentation "in the darkness" of the oak Tonneaux and then a long aging phase of 18 months always in oak Tonneaux and in oak Allier oval barrel. Here he learns strength, incisiveness and sincerity. Here it absorbs spicy notes of black pepper, juniper, tobacco and dark chocolate. Finally, it is aged in the bottle for 15 months, acquiring a clean, dry and smooth taste with well-integrated tannins. Remarkable note is the elegant "silk effect" that has on the palate: envelops without leaving any other trace except that of a great pleasure...

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6 Dedicato a Benedetta igt 2013
119.25€ Ex Tax: 119.25€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: Sangiovese CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: To this happy event refers the beautiful image drawn on the label: the tree of life, the ladder of Jacob's dream (Genesis 28) on which the angels rise and fall continuously between heaven and earth, as the awareness of man and woman coming together to fulfill their life path together. Fietri is a microcosm where every wine has its own history and its own vineyard, a sort of memory and eno geography that gives its name and surname to its wines. Thus, Dedicated to Benedetta finds its place in the Carletti vineyard from the sandstone soil, planted in 2004 and exposed to the south. Here the vines are thinned out and produce only 1 kg of grapes, so as to concentrate all the sugary and tannic substance in a few bunches. Dedicated to Benedetta is a long and maternal gestation wine: it has 18 months of aging in oak barrels, chosen by the owners as a gift to their daughter, and a minimum of 4 mont..

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6 Hic et Nunc igt 2015
73.25€ Ex Tax: 73.25€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Viognier CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: It is a Biological igt, a blend of 50% Chardonnay grapes (6 months of barrique) and 50% Viognier (6 months of stainless steel) from the Linari vineyard, exposed to the north-east. Hic et Nunc offers an aesthetic experience. Bright and intense straw yellow in color, it has strong mineral notes. At first the exotic fruits and coconut prevail, accompanied by the sweetness of the Golden apple. Then follow citrus notes and the Mediterranean scrub with salty sage, spring essences of wild flowers and almond. The palate is clean, balanced and consistent, with a structured but well-polished body. The freshness remains, a lively salty end and a soothing vanilla aftertaste: a moment of Fietri...

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6 Rosato di Sangiovese igt 2016
60.75€ Ex Tax: 60.75€

MANUFACTURER: Fietri ZONE: Emilia Romagna GRAPES: Sangiovese CONTENT: 0,75 DESCRIPTION: The Rosato Fietri, in production since 2007, comes exclusively from Sangiovese vines that are rooted in the high Linari vineyard from the rich, ancestral and rich soil of the Galestial skeleton, from which abundant mineral salts are extracted, which give the wine its depth. The exposure and the climate of Fietri guarantee bright light during the day and refreshing dew at night, generating a balanced wine with refined aromas. Its color has cherry pink nuances softened by golden notes, with an optical effect of great brightness and unique color tone. Unveil Mediterranean aromas of summer sage and rock salt and red flowers, with the fragrance of strawberry juice and raspberry of the shady undergrowth adjacent to the vineyard. The 60% vinification from press and 40% from salasso in steel vats makes it sincere, sincere, lively and very dry. The initial freshness, with each sip, gives way to t..

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