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Venerague Multi Distilleries 13 y.o.
88.50€ Ex Tax: 88.50€

PRODUCER: Compagnie Des Indes NATION: Venezuela e Nicaragua ALCOHOL: 45% CONTENT: 0.70 l DESCRIPTION: Rum aged 9 years, the result of a small batch of 5 barrels, from Nicaragua and Venezuela...

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20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

MANUFACTURER: Foursquare Distillery ALCOHOL : 47 CONTENT : 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Richard Seale wanted to try to produce the best white rum in the world and according to us it has succeeded with Veritas. A blend of its white rum from the his coffey still and an unknown percentage of Hampden pot still. A master piece...

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West Indies Rum 8 y.o.
52.00€ Ex Tax: 52.00€

PRODUCER: Compagnie Des Indes NATION: Barbados, Repubblica Dominicana, Panama, Guyana ALCOHOL: 40% CONTENT: 0.70 l DESCRIPTION: West Indies is the result of a small batch of 5 barrels, 3 mainly from Venezuela and 2 from Nicaragua. The result is a well rounded rum, delicate but powerful, which maintains the natural elegance of the Compagnie Des Indes range rums...

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Whisky Kavalan Rum Cask 70th Anniversary Velier
175.00€ Ex Tax: 175.00€

TYPE: Whisky COUNTRY: Taiwan MANUFACTURER: King Car Whisky Distillerie ALCOHOL : 57,1 CONTENT : 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Thierry Bénitah, associate, partner and above all friend, is the owner of La Maison du Whiskey that in Europe represents, among other things, the best distilleries Australasian. On our occasion 70th Anniversary Thierry selected together with us 8 special bottles: from Taiwan two singles malt Kavalan e from India a single malt peated by Amrut. One could not miss Japan with one coffret dedicated to two singles malt Yoichi and Miyagikyo both refined in ex-barrels rum and a single malt signed by Ichiro Chichibu distillery acute. In new geography of whiskey a place to part deserves Tasmania here represented from a slightly malted malt Hellyers Road. Finally, together with LMDW, we come back Europe with a special compass release Box. In July 2017 Luca and Thierry did they went to John Glazer's lab and Luca created a blended malt insert..

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