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Anis a L'Ancienne
24.20€ Ex Tax: 24.20€

NATION:France PRODUCER: Distillerie Guy ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 45 CONTENT: 0,50 l DESCRIPTION:Pierre Guy is the author of the return to the origins, with the recovery of ancestral techniques for the original absinthe production since the interdiction decay. His son Francois today continues the path taken by his father, getting to his distillery recognition of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, French brand that recognizes the uniqueness of the savoir-faire in the field of family farms. The Pontarlier Anis is now produced with the same recipe with which arose at the time of the use of absinthe ban, from anise seeds grown in the area. On the contrary, the traditional wormwood Francois Guy is produced from the distillation of wormwood plant and reduced to 45 °. A variation is represented by the version in the Pontassilienne to 56 °, prepared during the 11th edition of the historical competition of Absinthiades and entered into permanent production because of the awards on this occasion. T..

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Aperitif Dubonnet
13.48€ Ex Tax: 13.48€

NATION: France PRODUCER:Dubonnet ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 14,8 CONTENT: 0,7 l DESCRIPTION: Created in Paris by Joseph Dubonnet to make quinine more palatable for soldiers fighting malaria in North Africa. Dubonnet is made with a mixture of herbs, spices and peels, and notes of quinine. Dubonnet is a leading French brand worldwide for its wine-based aperitif. Produced for the first time in 1846, it still maintains the original recipe of the family today...

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Aperitivo Del Professore
33.28€ Ex Tax: 33.28€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Del Professore CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 15 DESCRIPTION: Fruit of the artisan skill gained in over a century of history and of the passion for natural liqueur recipes, the Aperitivo Del Professore offers a genuine and pure expression of the most classic Italian aperitifs...

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Aperitivo Galliano
14.03€ Ex Tax: 14.03€

COUNTRY: Italy MANUFACTURER: Galliano CONTENT: 0,5 l ALCOHOL: 24 DESCRIPTION: The recipe includes many extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus: orange, bergamot, bitter orange, bitter orange, tangerine mandarin and grapefruit. This fresh blend of citrus fruit distinguishes Galliano L'Aperitivo. The recipe also includes a subtle addition of the heart of Galliano l'Autentico, (the original botanical liqueur with over 30 herbs and spices) including Mediterranean anise, juniper, cardamom, sandalwood, sage, lavender , peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla. The ingredients are macerated and left to ripen for at least 2 weeks in order to extract the best from the fruits, plants and aromatic herbs. After the aging process, all the extracts are filtered and added to the final mixture...

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Aperitivo Poli Airone Rosso
13.20€ Ex Tax: 13.20€

ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 17 CONTENT: 0,70 l Toni Poli (1919-2001) had a dream, in 1951 he finally realized it: he set off on his Guzzi Airone Sport 250cc motorcycle and reached Capo Nord. After 10,000 km of adventures he returned home. The party in the village began with an aperitif created for the occasion, red as the Airone. Raw material: infusion in Grappa and vermouth of spices and aromatic herbs. Aroma: intense and fruity bouquet, mandarin. Taste: sweet with a pleasantly bitterish finish...

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Aperitivo Ramazzotti 1 l
13.48€ Ex Tax: 13.48€

ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 23 CONTENT: 1 l Ramazzotti revolutionizes the aperitif. The secret? The nature. Fun, conviviality and pleasure have a new ally that renews the idea of ​​an aperitif in a contemporary way. Natural ingredients and no artificial coloring: this is the recipe of Aperitivo Ramazzotti. Sweet orange and aromatic herbs explode in a harmony of tastes and sensations to offer a revolutionary taste experience, refreshing and slightly alcoholic. The air du temps imposes 'puffs' green and feeds a careful, conscious, healthy way of life, in tune with the vital rhythms. Aperitif Ramazzotti is the most ... natural answer. Today a new vision of the aperitif that reflects and respects the environment is born. A unique, enthralling and distinctive aroma, inimitable at the sensorial level like a precious gem; an intense, genuine, bewitching taste that envelops the palate leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste; an amber orange color that conveys lightness and light-heartedness. Result of ..

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Aperitivo Rosso Antico
13.48€ Ex Tax: 13.48€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Buton CONTENT: 1 l ALCOHOL: 15 DESCRIPTION: Rosso Antico is a famous liqueur of the ancient Buton distillery (belonging to the Montenegrin group) of San Lazzaro (BO).   It is produced through the infusion of 32 herbs put to macerate in alcohol (including rosemary, thyme and sage) and then added to a mixture of 5 different types of wines...

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Aperitivo Select 1 l
18.70€ Ex Tax: 18.70€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Select CONTENT: 1 l ALCOHOL: 17,5 DESCRIPTION: Aperitivo Select is a historic aperitif created in Venice in 1920. After more than 90 years with its round taste and perfect balance it is still today the most popular aperitif by the Venetians and excellent for the preparation of the Spritz...

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Aperol 3 l
71.23€ Ex Tax: 71.23€

PRODUCER:Campari ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11 CONTENT: 3 l DESCRIPTION: The most popular alcoholic aperitif in Italy: pleasant and refreshing. Bright orange in color, it has an unmistakable sweet-bitter taste, thanks to a very secret and never varied recipe, which includes infusions of precious raw materials, herbs and roots in perfect harmony. Another strong point is its alcoholic lightness, only 11 degrees...

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Apfellikör - Pommè
15.13€ Ex Tax: 15.13€

ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 21 CONTENT: 0,7 l Liquor based on alcohol and apple juice From the intense scent of Green Apple and Golden Delicious and the sweet and fruity taste. On the palate it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. It should be served cold as an aperitif, added to prosecco or fruity white wine, or as a meal. Also excellent for preparing fruit cocktails...

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Apostoles Sherry VORS 30 y.o. 0,375 l - mit dem Koffer
35.48€ Ex Tax: 35.48€

PRODUCER: González Byass NATION: Spain GRAPES: 87% Palomino, 13% Pedro ALCOHOL: 20% CONTENT: 0.375 l DESCRIPTION: Ideal with foie gras, pâté, cheese and red meat. Serve between 10 and 12 degrees...

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Aprikosenlikör Briottet
19.80€ Ex Tax: 19.80€

NATION: France PRODUCER: Briottet ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 25 CONTENT: 0,7 l DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1836 is a company Briottet family of Dijon, in Burgundy, specialized in production of liqueurs and creams high-quality fruit...

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Argalà Amaro Alpino
31.08€ Ex Tax: 31.08€

TYPE: Artisan Liquor NATION: Italia ZONE: Trentino PRODUCER: Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet e Enrico Giordana ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 28 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: The Amaro alpino di Argalà is a traditional Italian bitter, citrusy, Mediterranean with marked alpine notes, obtained from the cold maceration in a hydroalcoholic bath of thirty botanicals, to which an alcoholicate obtained from the distillation of herbs and spices is added...

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Argalà Beetter
16.78€ Ex Tax: 16.78€

TYPE: Artisan Liquor NATION: Italia ZONE: Trentino PRODUCER: Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet e Enrico Giordana ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 45 CONTENT: 0,10 l DESCRIPTION: Argalà Beetter Aromatic is a bitter based on honey and propolis, with the addition of spices and herbs. Born from the passion for bees of the two young producers, the bitter was specially designed for the creation of new old-fashioned, always in the pursuit of the best raw material...

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Argalà Bitter Aperitivo
31.35€ Ex Tax: 31.35€

TYPE: Artisan Liquor NATION: Italia ZONE: Trentino PRODUCER: Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet e Enrico Giordana ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 25 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION:Argalà in low-Piedmontese dialect means satisfied, but not a "happy" whatever: it's almost a peace of mind. The brand was officially born in 2011 with the production of the first Italian artisan pastis brainchild of two young men, both born in 1983: Henry Jordan - who inherits the tradition of the Distillery Giordana of Roccavione founded by his grandfather and closed shortly before his birth - and Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet whose past summers in France, in Grenoble, carry the memories and aromas of this drink. Thus it was born the desire to produce a unique and excellent pastis, which differed from the industrial ones. For Argalà production so chooses only ingredients from organic farming: anise, plants grown in the Cuneo valleys, wild herbs gathered in the mountains, mixtures of carefully selected spices and sugar to the Fa..

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