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Distillerie De Paris Carroube Botanical Spirit

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Product Code: Distillerie De Paris Carroube Botanical Spirit

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The carob tree is a leguminous cisalpine that grows wild in the south of Europe and in particular on the shores of the Mare Nostrum. The carob seeds have great advantages, in fact they bring to the spirit an original aromatic spectrum that combines notes of dried banana to coconut, cocoa and vanilla, difficult to obtain with a single distillation. Carob seeds, bergamot, bitter oranges and lemons are macerated in a Charente white wine distillate. Coriander fresh is instead placed in the basket located in the neck of the Holstein still. The Carroube Botanical Spirit is a complex, exotic and fresh distillate. Perfect for tasting, it offers new opportunities in mixing by presenting an original aromatic spectrum (dried banana, coconut, cocoa, vanilla) on a dry basis, even though its components are generally associated with sweet aromatic sensations.


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