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Aperitivo Bordiga
15.25€ Ex Tax: 15.25€

NATION:Italy PRODUCER: Bordiga ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 16 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: To be enjoyed smooth with ice and orange peel or combined with a good prosecco for a superlative spritz, or mixed with the only limit of your imagination...

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Aperitivo Cocchi Americano Rosa
16.75€ Ex Tax: 16.75€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Piemonte PRODUCER:Cocchi ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 16,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The Americano Cocchi is an aromatised wine, conceived by Giulio Cocchi in 1891 and since then produced uninterruptedly according to the original recipe. Because of its aroma of "amaricated" alcohol with herbs and spices, it is called Americano, also because the custom of drinking vermouth with ice and soda spread from the United States. The Americano Cocchi produced according to the original recipe of Giulio Cocchi is, for Asti, the aperitif par excellence, a piece of the city's history. The original futuristic cockerel designed in the 1930s, which represents both its aperitif function ("gives the alarm to the appetite") and one of the symbols of the city of Asti, is on the label. During its history, Cocchi has produced some variations of his American Aperitif. The most recent, the Cocchi Rosa is produced from a base of Piedmont red wines to which are added extracts of herbs..

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Aperitivo Del Professore
30.25€ Ex Tax: 30.25€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Del Professore CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 15 DESCRIPTION: Fruit of the artisan skill gained in over a century of history and of the passion for natural liqueur recipes, the Aperitivo Del Professore offers a genuine and pure expression of the most classic Italian aperitifs...

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Aperitivo Galliano
12.75€ Ex Tax: 12.75€

COUNTRY: Italy MANUFACTURER: Galliano CONTENT: 0,5 l ALCOHOL: 24 DESCRIPTION: The recipe includes many extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus: orange, bergamot, bitter orange, bitter orange, tangerine mandarin and grapefruit. This fresh blend of citrus fruit distinguishes Galliano L'Aperitivo. The recipe also includes a subtle addition of the heart of Galliano l'Autentico, (the original botanical liqueur with over 30 herbs and spices) including Mediterranean anise, juniper, cardamom, sandalwood, sage, lavender , peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla. The ingredients are macerated and left to ripen for at least 2 weeks in order to extract the best from the fruits, plants and aromatic herbs. After the aging process, all the extracts are filtered and added to the final mixture...

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Aperitivo Keglevich Klamour
12.50€ Ex Tax: 12.50€

PRODUCER:Keglevich ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 15 CONTENT: 1 l DESCRIPTION: Klamour, the first aperitif that combines all the quality of triple distillation vodka with a refined herbal infusion. Everything is combined with a final touch of passion fruit, for a surprising and distinctive taste. A unique and innovative aperitif, ideal to drink smooth or as an ingredient for irresistible cocktails...

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Aperitivo Mulassano
24.25€ Ex Tax: 24.25€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Mulassano CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 24 DESCRIPTION: Produced by Bordiga Liqueurs for the brand Mulassano, Homonym of the historic cafe of Turin, this aperitif Corroborant is obtained by alcohol infusion Of hand-picked alpine herbs and inflorescences Val Maira. Coloring comes from the use of Natural coquette; Its ideal use is mixed With soda or within Spritz...

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Aperitivo Poco Alcolico
8.25€ Ex Tax: 8.25€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Luxardo CONTENT: 1 l ALCOHOL: 11 DESCRIPTION: Luxardo® aperitif derives from an infusion well balanced herbs, roots and citrus fruits. Its moderate alcohol content (11 °) allows an ideal combination with various fruit juices and with wine..

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Aperitivo Quaglia 1 l
15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Quaglia CONTENT: 1,0 l ALCOHOL: 15 DESCRIPTION: The distillery of Castelnuovo Don Bosco It born in the years immediately following the unification of Italy on sun-drenched hills between Monferrato and the Turin hill has always considered land of great wine tradition. Today, following the rules excellence Piedmontese artisan which provides for the use of the best materials Natural raw, continuous the activity of a company whose the work of four generations, constantly is updated to meet full customer demands offering a product that encloses itself novelty and quality...

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Aperitivo Rosso Antico
12.25€ Ex Tax: 12.25€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Buton CONTENT: 1 l ALCOHOL: 15 DESCRIPTION: Rosso Antico is a famous liqueur of the ancient Buton distillery (belonging to the Montenegrin group) of San Lazzaro (BO).   It is produced through the infusion of 32 herbs put to macerate in alcohol (including rosemary, thyme and sage) and then added to a mixture of 5 different types of wines...

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Aperitivo Select 1 l
16.50€ Ex Tax: 16.50€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Select CONTENT: 1 l ALCOHOL: 17,5 DESCRIPTION: Aperitivo Select is a historic aperitif created in Venice in 1920. After more than 90 years with its round taste and perfect balance it is still today the most popular aperitif by the Venetians and excellent for the preparation of the Spritz...

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Aperol 1 l
13.50€ Ex Tax: 13.50€

PRODUCER:Campari ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11 CONTENT: 1 l DESCRIPTION: The most popular alcoholic aperitif in Italy: pleasant and refreshing. Bright orange in color, it has an unmistakable sweet-bitter taste, thanks to a very secret and never varied recipe, which includes infusions of precious raw materials, herbs and roots in perfect harmony. Another strong point is its alcoholic lightness, only 11 degrees...

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Aperol 3 l
64.75€ Ex Tax: 64.75€

PRODUCER:Campari ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11 CONTENT: 3 l DESCRIPTION: The most popular alcoholic aperitif in Italy: pleasant and refreshing. Bright orange in color, it has an unmistakable sweet-bitter taste, thanks to a very secret and never varied recipe, which includes infusions of precious raw materials, herbs and roots in perfect harmony. Another strong point is its alcoholic lightness, only 11 degrees...

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Apricot Brandy Sirup
10.75€ Ex Tax: 10.75€

COUNTRY: France MANUFACTURER: Monin CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1912 in Bourges (central France) from George Monin, the small artisan company then launched simultaneously on the market Monin Original, liqueur made from lime and spices, to 33 °, which rightfully belongs to the family of the great French spirits as Cointreau and Grand Marnier, and began a modest production of high quality syrup. The growth is dizzying, but the company remains strictly family: the third generation, and the current owner, Olivier Monin, boasts a number of firsts. Absolute leader on the world market syrups; 15 million bottles produced in 2005, present in 5 continents and in 95 countries, a production unit in Florida, which produces 3.5 million bottles only for the American market, a branch in Singapore that will soon become further production units for the Asian market, about 90 different flavors of syrups, an incredible range. The reason for this resounding success? Exasperated car..

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Banana Puree
11.25€ Ex Tax: 11.25€

PRODUCER: Finest Call NATION: USA CONTENT: 1 l DESCRIPTION: The Finest Call Purees are a blend of the best fruits in the world, the perfect touch of cane sugar and all natural flavors and colors. Each taste in the range gives the cocktail a flavor and aroma of real fruit...

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Barolo Chinato docg
24.50€ Ex Tax: 24.50€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Piemonte PRODUCER:Marchesi di Barolo ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 16,5 CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION: The "Barolo Chinato" flavored wine must be produced starting from Barolo wine which has already finished the minimum aging period and which has passed the organoleptic physical-chemical examination required by the production disciplinary. Aromatization is carried out by cold infusion in a hydroalcoholic solution of bark of china calissaia, root gentian, cardamom seeds and other minor spices such as vanilla berries. The wine is then added to the aromatic infusion, sugar and alcohol to bring it to the gradation of 16.5% Vol and sugar content of 18% ideal for a good harmonization of the product. After its preparation, Barolo Chinato is aged for at least a year in cask before being bottled and put on the market, so that all the aromatic parts of the infusions have the time to blend in a single homogeneous and harmonious sensation. Over time it continues its aging in the ..

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