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Gin Boe Superior
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NATION: Scotland ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 47,0 CONTENT: 0,70 l At the time of its launch in the market for a drink in the United Kingdom in 2007, the Boe Superior Gin has created quite a stir. This highly successful gin is unique, because it is distilled in the traditional alembic distiller and Carterhead, however, with its 47%, it still retains a high percentage of alcohol. Named after the man to whom is attributed the invention of the gin, the Dutch physician of the seventeenth century Franz de la Boë, this product has a high volume of alcohol, in line with the vision of the professor for his original mixture: the "Genever". For this inimitable Boë Superior Gin, distilled in small batches, using only natural ingredients and herbs thirteen (number greater than those of its main competitors). Additionally, the use of the system Carterhead allows vapors to pass through the botanical liquid, instead of being bubbled. The refinement of Boë Superior Gin must be sought in the select..

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