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Acquavite Mito delle Ore in Latta

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Brand: BERTA

Product Code: Acquavite Mito delle Ore in Latta

CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: The mythology tells of a distant time when reality became history, the legend sung history and legend, from town to town, he turned into myth. The mythology tells the existence of the Hours, an ancient legend became myth. The Hours, daughters of Zeus and Themis, were the guardians and protectors of the Heavens of Olympus. Dee from the bewitching beauty, guaranteed the order of nature and the regular changes of the seasons. Thallo, Goddess of flowering, the Spring. Auso, Goddess of summer luxuriance, the Summer. Carpo, goddess of the fruit and the harvest, the Autumn. In their dance around the sun they chanted the time, ensured the seasons, allowed the natural cycle of life might be fulfilled. Flowering, ripening, harvest. Each stage was run by a goddess. Every moment was prepared, studied, cosseted. Each time was because it was intended to be. Rediscovering the Myth of the Hours in a fresco in the halls of the Castle Monteu Roero, the Berta family decided to entrust these miraculous Dee their product. The Distilled Grape. One way to ask them to monitor the cycle of the vine, its fruit, its nectar


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