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Bas Armagnac Baron de Sigognac Signature VS

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Product Code: Bas Armagnac Baron de Sigognac Signature VS

MANUFACTURER: Baron de Sigognac
CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: The Armagnac Baron de Sigognac is the result of the enthusiasm and passion that have animated the soul of Gascogne for centuries, of which the valiant Musketeer D'Artagnan is the most emblematic representative. The Guasch family has dedicated its vineyards of Ugny-Blanc and Bacco exclusively to the production of Bas Armagnac. Every year after the harvest and immediately after the winemaking, the chief cantiniere carries out the distillation with his own ancient still. Pure natural white wine, fine yeasts in suspension, early distillation: from these moments and during the long years, the chief cantiniere watches over the Bas Armagnac which will be born and will patiently follow the evolution of its aromas during aging in oak barrels. The creation of Armagnac takes place in three phases: vinification, distillation and aging. Vinification: the grapes harvested in October are immediately vinified in a natural way, pressed and put in barrels, where fermentation takes place without adding of additives. The wine is made quickly enough and remains on the skins until it is distilled. The distillation takes place in winter, once the fermentation is over, and takes place by law a few months after the harvest. Distillation is the most important phase in the creation of an authentic armagnac. It happens in the alambic designed specifically for this product, the alembic of the armagnac, known as "single heating" or "continuous heating". The double heating used for example in the production of cognac takes place for a small part of the production. In general, the armagnac method is preferred for its kindness and because it retains more elements of the grapes, for an exceptional taste. The distillation process consists in separating and collecting the alcohol and the aromas contained in the wine. The alembic is powered by cold wine that cools the alcoholic vapors contained in the coil. The wine begins to heat up in the "chauffe vin" where there is the serpentine. It then passes into an intermediate condenser, where it descends into the column in which the alcohol vapors rise from the kettle, filling it with their aromas. The obtained spirits are between 52% and 72% vol and totally colorless, when they leave the alembic, but they already reveal their aromas. Aging: once the alembic is left, the brandy is transferred into barriques of 400 or 420 liters. The oak is French, generally from the Gascogne forests. The wood will give the armagnac tannins and aromatic substances, the aroma of vanilla and the beautiful amber color. The armagnac remains in these new barrels until the head of the cellar transfers it into older barrels, to perfect and balance aging. With the passing of the years the alcohol content decreases due to natural evaporation. The result is an amber and golden armagnac, complex and powerful on the nose, with floral and fruity notes. In the mouth it is well balanced, with a sweet taste of vanilla.


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