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Gin Copperhead Gibson Edition

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Yvan Vindevogel: this is the name of the Belgian pharmacist from whom it all began. A name that gave life to what is today the Copperhead Gin, created by the same Vindevogel after being inspired by an article read in the summer of 2013. The article, which traced the birth and history of what is distilled Gin, pushed the pharmacist to start working with Bernard Filliers, owner and manager of the homonymous distillery. Going through the most important phases relating to the history of Gin, Vindevogel and Filliers have been completely fascinated by what is a mix of alchemy, botany and medicine, in the past often identified as a real "long life elixir". From popular beliefs to science, that's when the collaboration between Vindevogel and Filliers gave rise to Copperhead Gin, whose name was inspired by the alchemist who created the recipe - mr. Copperhead - both from the stills in which the Gin is distilled, and from the particular characteristics of the bottle in which it is distributed: bottle on which the caduceus stands out, winged stick with two twisted snakes, symbol of pharmacists and in this case closely connected to the knowledge and skills of Yvan Vindevogel himself. Elderberries, juniper, cardamom, angelica, coriander seeds and orange peel: the selection of ingredients and initial botanical elements is rigorous and scrupulous, as well as scrupulous and maniacal is the distillation process, totally respectful of the oldest traditions , and faithful to that philosophy that sees Gin be characterized by medicinal and curative properties. From the union of science and alchemy, the Copperhead Gin is born, ready today to surprise all the senses of lovers and connoisseurs of the genre. A London Dry Gin that, as if this were not enough, can be enriched and customized by different blends, in order to become, according to the choice, an energizing cocktail, an aperitif or a digestive..


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