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Brut Metodo Classico - Secretum Magnum

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Product Code: Brut Metodo Classico - Secretum Magnum

Tags:  Colli Euganei

NATION: Italia
ZONE: Colli Euganei
COMPOSITION: 70% Chardonnay - 15% Pinot Noir - 15% Pinot Blanc  
CONTENT: 1,5 l

DESCRIPTION: It was born in March 2002 when, after a visit to the cellar, we taste a wine from a tank located at the end of the cellar, very acidic, of little degree, the result of an early harvest. Still a good wine but much more suitable to be used as a base for sparkling wine. And so it was. The "secret" was born, something new for the area which was to remain known only to a few for the years that followed before its introduction on the market. What better occasion to baptize this sparkling wine with the most important of the Latin works of Francesco Petrarca: Secretum. The grape harvest takes place slightly earlier than full maturity since the alcohol content of the base wine must not exceed 10.5-11 ° alcohol. The grapes, collected in boxes, arrived in the cellar are cooled in a special cold room up to a temperature of 7-8 degrees.

Softly pressed by means of a pneumatic press and the must obtained is placed in a steel tank for 12 hours at controlled temperature to make itself clear.

Transferred it is fermented at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C.

By means of constant and accurate checks, it is assessed whether it needs further decanting or other cellar operations. The wine is filtered and prepared for re-fermentation, by adding selected yeasts, placed in the bottle, capped with bidules and a metallic crown cap.

It remains in the cellar for at least 24 months.

At the chosen time it is placed on the pupitre to obtain the tip necessary for the complete cleaning of the bottle by expelling the precipitates formed by the refermentation.

After performing the degorgement, the bottle is corked and left to rest for a few months before being put on sale. Complex on the nose, evident tertiary aromas harmonized with inviting notes of honey and fruit. In the mouth the fine bubbles caress the palate producing a pleasant and captivating sensation. Long, aromatic and winning in the finish.

Ideal as a demanding aperitif and throughout the meal, it can be delicate with vegetables and fish; masculine and determined with meat. What more could you ask for.


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