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12 Birra Saison Dupont Biologique

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Product Code: 12 Birra Saison Dupont Biologique

NATION: Belgium
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION: Entered in production in 1990, it constitutes the slightly less alcoholic version of the Vieille Provision; in its production are used raw materials biologically guaranteed by Ecocert, all coming from crops not treated with chemicals, so that beer can boast of the brand recognized throughout Europe of Biogarantie®. It keeps almost all the characteristics of the Vieille unaltered, with the difference represented by the filtration to which it is subjected before the refermentation. Agile and drinkable, dry, sparkling and refreshing on the palate, has soft and diffused herbaceous notes, and a light and enveloping body at the same time. Veiled blond color with orange reflections with a generous hat of persistent white foam. The aromas are expected: herbaceous and citrus notes (lemon rind), cereals, wheat, yeast, fruity esters (banana in the first place) and spices (pepper, cloves and coriander); a very complex nose, fresh and interesting, which definitely invites you to drink. With a light, fairly sparkling and refreshing body, on the palate there are cereal notes, some citrus, a hoppy herb flavor and a slight acidity, for a very long, dry and spicy bitter finish that invites you to the next puff.


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