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Bourbon Whisky Koval Single Barrel

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Brand: KOVAL

Product Code: Bourbon Whisky Koval Single Barrel

TYPE: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
ALCOHOL : 47,0
CONTENT : 0,50 l

DESCRIPTION: Koval produces small quantities of distilled 100% "organic" cereals, avoiding the common industry practice of buying of already distilled neutral grain and "build" the various products. Everything that is produced Koval Distillery is certified organic and "kosher" (pure according to Jewish law). All "Koval's Whiskeys" are aged in barrels of 30 gallons (113.55 liters) which, depending of the distillate to be aged, are medium toasted or heavily burnt. This means that the distillate, where it was used only the "heart" discarding "head" and "tail", can develop both the characteristic aromas of the starting cereal that those sweet and voluptuous treated wood. The term "single barrel" used on the labels refers to the fact that the bottles come from specific barrels and are numbered accordingly. All Koval spirits can be traced by identifying the barrel aging and even the specific shipment of the raw material of the supplying farm. Aged in new American oak barrels of Minnesota strongly roasted and bottled at 94 proof. His "mash" includes old varieties of wheat and whole grain used is provided by local farmers in organic farming and the Midwest region. Produced using only the "heart" of the distillate, no "heads" or "tails". Single Barrel.


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