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6 Vodka Belvedere Unfiltered

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Product Code: 6 Vodka Belvedere Unfiltered

CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: Belvedere Unfiltered is a vodka elegant, full-bodied, very soft and personality. It is produced with a rare and precious varieties of rye "Diamond" and is not subjected to filtration, to get a taste rich, round and full of character. Polish pure authenticity. Soft, natural, unforgettable. Ingredients: Belvedere Unfiltered is produced from 100% with the rare and precious rye "Dankowskie Diamond", a variety of superior quality that grows only in a very limited number of farms in the Polish region of Mazovia. The low-starch rye brings out the best taste rich and elegant features, typical of the variety "Diamond". The production process: the sweet softness and notes extraordinarily complex emitted from rye "Diamond" require no further alterations. That's why after the fourth distillation is added only the purest water of artesian wells, without filtering the vodka to give prominence to its soft texture and silky and rich taste and naturally sweet rye "Dankowskie Diamond". An ingredient of the highest quality, distilled with skill, sets off an exceptional vodka, one of a kind. Taste: intense aromas of sea breeze, freshly baked bread and roasted nuts. Palate: full and juicy, with hints of caramel initial salty, freshly baked bread and honey aromas. The center of the palate develops a fresh minerality with hints of stone and flint. The retropalato is cooled by delicate notes of sea salt and a touch of white pepper. The mouthfeel is rich, round and sweet. Aftertaste: long, sweet-salty. Notes of fresh bread, vanilla and cream. Unfiltered drinks: Belvedere Unfiltered releases all its smooth taste and rich smooth, "on the rocks" or in a martini cocktail. A vodka to sip and ... enjoy!


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