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6 Ferrari Perlè Zero Astucciato
335.50€ Ex Tax: 335.50€

TYPE: Spumante Metodo Classico REGION: Trentino AREA: Trento MANUFACTURER: Ferrari GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay ALCOHOL: 12,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: A mosaic of zero-dosage thousandths that expresses the essence of mountain Chardonnay.The refined perlage is wrapped in golden and shiny reflections.The onset on the nose is characterized by extreme olfactory cleansing that gives notes of grapefruit, ginger root, fresh pineapple, which later leave room for memories of aromatic herbs and cumin.The mouthfeel is dry, savory and dynamic, characterized by a pleasant initial enveloping that slowly fades into a long and savory aromatic persistence, thus offering a precise, deep and elegant sip...

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6 Ferrari Rosè
139.70€ Ex Tax: 139.70€

NATION: Italy NAME Trento d.o.c PRODUCER: Ferrari GRAPES: 60% Pinot Nero - 40% Chardonnay ALCOHOL: 12,5 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: To get this sparkling wine is matured for at least 24 months on the yeasts in their crops. Since ancient bright pink; distinguished, of considerable finesse, with fresh fragrance of hawthorn blossom and hints of currants and wild strawberries. The palate is dry, clean and elegant, with delicate background of sweet almond and aromatic musk, remarkably persistent. And 'excellent as an aperitif or throughout a meal, for a refined and exclusive consumption HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 8 - 10 ° C..

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6 Fior d'Arancio d.o.c.g.
63.80€ Ex Tax: 63.80€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Colli Euganei PRODUCER:Vignalta COMPOSITION: 100% Moscato Fior d’Arancio ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 6 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Fresh and light, intensely aromatic with a bouquet of exotic fruits and orange peel...

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6 Fior d'Arancio docg
35.20€ Ex Tax: 35.20€

NATION: Italy ZONE: Colli Euganei PRODUCER: Parco del VendaCOMPOSITION: 100% Moscato Giallo CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: It is the wine that most characterizes the Euganean Hills. Sparkling wine with a sweet, aromatic and intense taste. It will be the protagonist of the festive moments and will exalt its virtues to the best with all types of sweets...

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6 Fior d'Arancio docg
52.80€ Ex Tax: 52.80€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Colli Euganei PRODUCER: La Costa COMPOSITION: 100% Moscato Giallo    ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 6,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The grapes arrived in the cellar are de-stemmed and cooled to a temperature of 7-8 degrees.Pressed softly by means of a pneumatic press, the must obtained is placed in a steel tank for 12 hours at controlled temperature to make itself clear. Transferred, it is partially fermented at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C. up to an alcoholic degree of about 5-6 alcoholic degrees, so that the wine remains sweet. Cooled and filtered, a short period is left in special tanks, where with the addition of yeasts, it is fermented for a period ranging from 40 to 60 days. Bottled and corked with the characteristic mushroom cap it is put on the market after a few months. The nose shows all the princely notes of Muscat: rose, apricot, orange, apple, spices in an elegant and refined blend. On the palate they are stre..

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6 Fior d’Arancio Spumante Bio docg
57.20€ Ex Tax: 57.20€

MANUFACTURER: Bacco e Arianna AREA: Italia GRAPES: 100% Fior d’Arancio CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: In the vineyard are not used chemicals and pesticides, the grapes produced is organic and all stages are performed manually. When speaking of the Euganean Hills thoughts turn naturally to the orange flower, champagne dessert par excellence of this territory. Yellow Muscat grapes from the variety produces a wine of a beautiful light golden color, with dense foam and fine and persistent. The aroma is typical of Muscat, intense but delicate, with net memories of wisteria, white flowers and citrus. Find yourself in the mouth what the nose announced, is pleasantly sweet and fresh. Proposal to 6th in the classic cup is enhanced accompanying him to puff pastries, cakes, biscuits and fruit tarts...

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6 Franciacorta Bellavista Demi-Sec Nectar
220.00€ Ex Tax: 220.00€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Franciacorta PRODUCER: Bellavista COMPOSITION: 100% Chardonnay ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 12,5 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Produced in very small quantities, it is the expression of a type Demi-sec purest, natural and sensual; perfectly faithful to the thought that the wine guide. His persuasive character comes from the creation of a cuvée expressly dedicated, produced with Chardonnay grapes from at least 30 different vineyards, situated on high hills and perfectly exposed south. Fermentation takes place for more than 30% in small white oak barrels . Both for the second fermentation in the bottle and for the disgorgement stage, using a sugary wort which comes exclusively from selected grapes dried in the plant. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 6 degrees centigrade..

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6 Franciacorta Brut docg
119.90€ Ex Tax: 119.90€

TYPE: Classic Method Sparkling REGION: Lombardia AREA: Franciacorta MANUFACTURER: La Montina GRAPES: 85% Chardonnay - 15% Pinot Nero ALCOHOL: 12 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: If wine is the expression of a territory and the business card of a company, for La Montina, Franciacorta Brut expresses not only all this, but also elegance, cleanliness and versatility. This cuvée is the result of soft pressing and 2 different vintages, which contribute to maintaining qualitative homogeneity over time. The generous foam, the acidity and the straw yellow color with greenish nuances anticipate the pleasant hints of fresh fruit and the floral notes of white flowers, citrus aromas with hints of bread crust. In the mouth refreshing and savory, with a delicate fruit and a good final persistence, creamy and generous.Excellent as an aperitif and a safe companion for first courses, fish and unprocessed red meats...

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6 Franciacorta Brut docg Santus
125.25€ Ex Tax: 125.25€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Franciacorta PRODUCER: Santus COMPOSITION: 80% Chardonnay - 20% Pinot Nero CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Soft pressing, maceration on the skins. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation takes place in steel, part of French oak barriques. Bottle aging on yeasts for at least 21 months. Gold yellow, elegant, of great texture and persistence, with notes of ripe fruit and yeasts. On the palate it is creamy, savory, complex...

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6 Franciacorta Brut Doppio Erre Di
154.55€ Ex Tax: 154.55€

NATION: Italia-Franciacorta ErbuscoPRODUCER: Derbusco Cives GRAPES: 88% Chardonnay, 12% Pinot Nero ALCOHOL: 12,5 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The color is intense straw yellow with various greenish reminiscences; the aroma is intense, fine and articulated with notes of yeast and ripe fruit (apple, pear, peach) with a touch of vanilla; the flavor is full, concentrated, with bubbles that are not too invasive on the palate. Soft and pleasant in the final aftertaste...

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6 Franciacorta Brut Doppio Erre Di "Edizione Limitata"
168.58€ Ex Tax: 168.58€

NATION: Italia-Franciacorta ErbuscoPRODUCER: Derbusco Cives GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay ALCOHOL: 12,5 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The color is straw yellow with golden reflections; the scent envelops with its complexity, opening with citrus and white flowers, followed by more evolved notes of ripe yellow fruit, hazelnut and yeast; the flavor is harmonious and round, supported by a very fresh acidity and an elegant perlage that caresses the palate for a long time...

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6 Franciacorta Brut Millesimato 2014
186.73€ Ex Tax: 186.73€

NATION: Italia-Franciacorta ErbuscoPRODUCER: Derbusco Cives GRAPES: Chardonnay 75% - Pinot Nero 25% ALCOHOL: 13 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The color is straw yellow - ancient gold; the perfume is rich and multifaceted with tones of fruit, ripe fruit and flowers; the flavor is rich and round with fruit and yeast tones...

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6 Franciacorta Brut Millesimato docg 2018
194.00€ Ex Tax: 194.00€

TYPE: Classic Method Sparkling REGION: Lombardia AREA: Franciacorta MANUFACTURER: La Montina GRAPES: 70% Chardonnay - 30% Pinot Nero ALCOHOL: 12 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: Obtained from grapes harvested only in the best vintages and vineyards. Composed of Chardonnay that gives elegance and finesse and of Pinot Noir for structure and vinosity. From this combination and careful soft pressing using the Marmonier Vertical Press, a product with a distinctive gold color is born, a wine with unmistakable peculiarities. It has a soft foam with a continuous and fine perlage.From the equally fine olfactory sensations, enthralling aromas of yellow pulp fruit open up, but also light toasting. In the mouth it has a good acidity with fullness and flavor.Millesimato Brut goes well with all elaborate and succulent dishes...

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6 Franciacorta Brut Rosè Millesimato 2015
227.15€ Ex Tax: 227.15€

NATION: Italia-Franciacorta ErbuscoPRODUCER: Derbusco Cives GRAPES: Pinot nero 100% ALCOHOL: 13 CONTENTS: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: The color is "ancient" onion skin; the perfume is subtle and elegant with notes of small fruits and flowers; the taste is structured and elegant with citrus and fruity notes...

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6 Franciacorta Contadi Castaldi Rosè docg
125.40€ Ex Tax: 125.40€

NATION: Italia ZONE: Franciacorta PRODUCER: Contadi Castaldi COMPOSITION: 65% Chardonnay - 35% Pinot Nero ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 13,0 CONTENT: 0,75 l DESCRIPTION: It has a beautiful coral pink color, very bright, with a fine and persistent. An original Franciacorta, interpreted with modernity and responsible exploitation of Pinot Noir grapes. The nose is clear notes of small berries, with fresh rose petals, hints of apple and tropical fruit. In the mouth it is structured, crisp and snappy, savory and sensory rhythm. The finish is long and good balance. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 6 degrees centigrade..

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