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Distillato di miele di Millefiori - Gioiello

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Product Code: Distillato di miele di Millefiori - Gioiello

CONTENT: 0,7 l

DESCRIPTION:Flowers Honey. Intense, fragrant, open recognition of wildflower honey. Typical. 37% vol. Production limited to what is strictly conditioned by the quality of honey that absolutely must come from ecologically clean environments. vacuum fermentation, in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature. homemade batch distillation with cutting heads and tails, in particular exclusive stills steam craft renewed by Benito Nonino for the distillation of honey. The distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for perfumes, a just evaporation and subsequent condensation in keeping with it valuable organoleptic characteristics of the chosen honey. Limited production. It rests from 6 months to a year in stainless steel tanks. Serve at 10 ° C or chilled glass opened corolla tulip. Before tasting, JEWEL must rest for a few minutes in the glass, oxygenating the scents are enhanced, the nose-palate harmony is completed. a distillation of honey presented difficulties especially in the phase of fermentation ranging from honey to honey. Only the great experience gained over many years of work enabled the family Nonino to get this new extraordinary distillate. In addition to difficulties in fermentation, the Nonino had to overcome bureaucratic obstacles due to the origin of the raw material, the honey that having non-vegetable origin was not regulated.


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