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Gin One Key
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ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 40 CONTENT: 0,70 l One Key is a gin that recalls the style of the classic London Dry Gin but with a special eye to the selection of ingredients that in addition to juniper berries of Italian, Slovenian and Serbian origin also includes Sicilian lemon and orange peels. The deep blue square-shaped bottle was the winner of the Singapore Gold Pentaward. Spectacular glass bottle, which has won this gin the award for the "Best Luxury Packaging 2011", which includes a key in the base, from which derives its name, necessary to open the container. This exotic gin is produced in Slovenia by Abnormal Group Singapore, the design of the bottle has been taken over by the Silicon Valley "Nanobject", with the intention of giving a "crackdown" more to the incredible offer of a beverage that does not end up surprising us...

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