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Amaro Blu
44.00€ Ex Tax: 44.00€

NATION: Italy PRODUCER: Amaro Blu ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 30 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: BLU AMARO derives from a particular process used to create the perfect balance between a blend of whiskey aged 3 years (present for more than 70%), the infusion of absinthe, sea water, infusions and natural extracts. It has an intense amber color, offers typical aromas of whiskey, licorice, mint, mandarin and unmistakable bitter notes...

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Amaro Bonollo OF
31.63€ Ex Tax: 31.63€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Bonollo CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 30 DESCRIPTION: Amaro OF is an exclusive and inimitable sensorial experience. Born from the desire to propose a modern and innovative Amaro. Delicate on the nose, rich and balanced in the mouth. The fresh citrus tones of its character give way to the more traditional herbal notes that in turn evolve making you perceive the warm and intense hints of Grappa OF Amarone Barrique Bonollo...

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Amaro Erbe
13.75€ Ex Tax: 13.75€

TYPE: Liquore Amaro Erbe NATION: Italia ZONE: Trentino PRODUCER: Marzadro ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 30 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Trentino alpine herbal liqueur made from a recipe unique and original in which the flavors of different mountain plants are mixed together in a pleasant balance. Excellent after a meal and perfect the preparation of cocktails and original wrapping. Bitter Herbs is served neat or with ice and very cold...

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Amaro Eroico
31.35€ Ex Tax: 31.35€

PRODUCER: Essentia Mediterranea NATION: Italy ALCOHOL: 28% CONTENT: 0.7 l DESCRIPTION: In the best Mediterranean liqueur tradition, Amaro Eroico is a delicate balance between its bitter component (bitter orange, gentian and cinchona) and its balsamic note derived from the slow infusion of rosemary, oregano and juniper of which it is rich in the mountains of the region. .Citrus fruits are the essential lightening note, including the addition of almond and the typical Calabrian licorice. All the essences of the Heroic Amaro are collected one by one during the course of the year.The infusions and macerations are carried out cold and separately so that the relative extracts capture all the freshness and keep their organoleptic properties intact...

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Amaro Felsina
29.70€ Ex Tax: 29.70€

NATION:Italy PRODUCER: Schiavo ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 28 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION:From an ancient recipe of Schiavo home, the rediscovery of this twentieth century liqueur that evokes, both as an aperitif and as a fine meal, the memory of the "Belle Epoque"..

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Amaro Importante Jefferson
26.95€ Ex Tax: 26.95€

NATION:Italy PRODUCER: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 30 CONTENT: 0,70 l DESCRIPTION: Jefferson Amaro Important. An Important Amaro, as the label states, produced in an authentic and rural way, paying close attention to the origin of the raw material. Our Rural Agricultural Society Vecchio Magazzino Doganale cultivates and selects botanicals and citrus fruits in Calabria. They are bergamot, bitter and sweet oranges, rosemary, eucalyptus and oregano which, combined with other bitter herbs, make Jefferson natural and unique. Its Mediterranean but complex taste can be appreciated both at room temperature and cool. Original in mixing, in the great classics, as bitters or in support of vermuoths.It is truly the best liqueur in the world...

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Amaro Kahneman
26.68€ Ex Tax: 26.68€

NATION:Italy PRODUCER: Kahneman ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 40 CONTENT: 0,50 l DESCRIPTION: Amaro Kahneman comes from an ancient recipe from 1812. At the time it was handcrafted for consumption by the Kahneman family alone. Today, that recipe has been improved by one of the best Italian homeopaths, Dr. Valter Fabbro, giving life to a natural elixir that really promotes digestion at the end of a meal. This happens thanks to the perfect combination of the different ingredients: lemon, rosemary and the spices and herbs that facilitate the action of licorice, star anise, chinotto, cinnamon and gentian...

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Amaro Koro
43.45€ Ex Tax: 43.45€

NATION:Italy ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 32 CONTENT: 0,70 l From the same producers of Solo Wild Gin, a strong and intense bitter that tells us about the scents of Sardinia. Produced at km 0 using only local botanicals, KORO is a myrtle-based liqueur, of the same wild variety harvested by hand and used for the production of RARO Mirto, another flagship of the Pure Sardinia range. Artemisia, which gives the bittering part, Elicriso, Salvia Desoleana (a variety that grows only in Sardinia) and Santolina are added in maceration.Intense and bitter, with a strong note of Myrtle, KORO should be served chilled as a digestive or can be used forpreparation of cocktails...

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Amaro La Miscela al 30
38.50€ Ex Tax: 38.50€

NATION:Italy PRODUCER: Premiata Officina Lugaresi ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 30 CONTENT: 1 l DESCRIPTION: Blend al 30 is a pleasant alcoholic remedy obtained by extracting all strictly natural herbs, berries and citrus fruits by infusion in top quality alcohol and carefully chosen by our Head of Workshop. After completing its maturation process and then evolving and refining all the aromatic parts, La Miscela al 30 is bottled in its original liter can, while we wait for the muffler to cool. Thanks to its 30% alcohol content and the unmistakable flavor of cocoa bean, luigia, aloe, raisins and other medicinal herbs, this bipedal fuel possesses such structure and complexity that it can become your favorite ever. We love our Italian Amaro! We love it straight and with ice but on special occasions it is amazing served with cocoa bean powder or coffee. After long days at work it is special refreshed with ginger beer, cola, tonic and pieces of fresh fruit and citrus...

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Amaro Meletti
15.68€ Ex Tax: 15.68€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Meletti CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 32 DESCRIPTION: Amber liquor with an amber color that stands out for its unique and intense taste, with floral and fruity scents given by the many botanicals and spices contained. The evolution of ancient family recipes, Amaro Meletti is the product of the careful infusion of carefully selected fruits, herbs and officinalis coming from all over the world, characterized by an elegant aftertaste of caramelized sugar and the Sibillini saffron...

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Amaro Muli 68
23.65€ Ex Tax: 23.65€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Muli 68 CONTENT: 0,5 l ALCOHOL: 38 DESCRIPTION: The bitter Muli 68 is born in the city of Postdam, near Berlin. Its taste is created by the wonderful interweaving of wonderfully balanced flavors with a delicate liqueur consistency. For its creation we use the best aromatic herbs on the market with the wise addition of essential fruit oils and a small bouquet of refined spices. The end result is a pleasantly complex taste where the notes of gentian and ginger, lemon and orange emerge. The persistent aftertaste is characterized by cinnamon, cloves and anise. Ideal to drink iced, interesting as an ingredient for cocktails...

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Amaro Negroni al Radicchio
15.95€ Ex Tax: 15.95€

COUNTRY: Italia MANUFACTURER: Negroni CONTENT: 0,7 l ALCOHOL: 27 DESCRIPTION: Traditional fine meal extracted from the infusion of Treviso Red Radicchio I.G.P. - in the late variety - Amaro TrevisanO Negroni combines all the best properties of this particular type of chicory. The Radicchio is cut into pieces and remains macerated in alcohol (50/60% vol.) For about 90 days. After this period, there is the pressing from which the infusion is extracted which is then filtered and added with alcohol and sugar. The tonic / bitter characteristic of this distillate makes it appetizing stimulator, activating digestion and highly purifying...

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Amaro Nonino - Quintessentia
19.80€ Ex Tax: 19.80€

PRODUCER: Nonino ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 35,0 CONTENT: 0,7 l DESCRIPTION:Great personality, is a stylish liquor with an extraordinary scent of herbs, ennobled by ÙE® brandy aged in barrels of grapes. also wonderful as an aperitif with ice and orange slice..

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Amaro Nonino - Quintessentia 0,5 l
16.23€ Ex Tax: 16.23€

PRODUCER: Nonino ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 35,0 CONTENT: 0,5 l DESCRIPTION:Great personality, is a stylish liquor with an extraordinary scent of herbs, ennobled by ÙE® brandy aged in barrels of grapes. also wonderful as an aperitif with ice and orange slice..

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Amaro Nonino - Quintessentia 2 l
49.50€ Ex Tax: 49.50€

PRODUCER: Nonino ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 35,0 CONTENT: 2,0 l DESCRIPTION:Great personality, is a stylish liquor with an extraordinary scent of herbs, ennobled by ÙE® brandy aged in barrels of grapes. also wonderful as an aperitif with ice and orange slice..

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