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Bordiga Vodka Masca

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Product Code: Bordiga Vodka Masca

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DESCRIPTION: Bordiga Vodka Masca is a one hundred percent artisanal and made in Italy vodka, the wheat distillate is harmoniously blended with the red potato distillate, giving it a pronounced, fine and delicate flavor. All while fully respecting the distillery's philosophy. Bordiga is in fact a very particular distillery, specialized in rigor and respect for tradition. Its strength is the alpine officinal herbs still harvested by hand and dried at high altitude by mountain dwellers, in an uncontaminated environment. This means that the botanicals used are spontaneous, and therefore intrinsically biological. They are harvested without the aid of engines, without pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and above all with enormous attention to the quality of the products while respecting the environment. Each production, just as it once was, is totally conditioned by the succession of the seasons and by the variations of the climate. Once harvested, the herbs are meticulously checked by the master distillers who deliver only the best to the processing.


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