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Birra Big Chouffe

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Product Code: Birra Chouffe Blonde

NATION: Belgium
PRODUCER: D'Achouffe
CONTENT: 1,5 l

DESCRIPTION: The Chouffe, unmistakable for the gnome depicted on the label, is an excellent belgian strong ale unfiltered and unpasteurized, produced by the Brasserie d'Achouffe and with a long tradition. The 75cl format is undoubtedly the most recommended for those approaching for the first time to this product, because the relationship between the liquid and the surface is greater, so as to allow the best development of aromas, rich and delicious, contributing to create that great balance that has made this beer so famous in the world. Impenetrable intense amber color, it has a compact, creamy and white foam, with an excellent adherence and quite persistent. The nose wraps with candied orange peel and cinnamon, notes of caramel and mou, in the background hints of barley. An important taste, powerful and pleasantly alcoholic, yet not heavy, indeed rather balanced, especially in the long caramelized persistence. Excellent with spicy white meats, cheeses also quite aged, it is perfect with salmon!


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