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24 Birra Brunehaut Ambree No Glutine 0,33 l
58.50€ Ex Tax: 58.50€

PRODUCER: Brunehaut ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 6,5 CONTENT: 0,33 l DESCRIPTION: Brownish-amber colored beer reminiscent of cognac.It smells of pine nuts, caramel and fresh yeast.The flavor adapts to the perfume, with well-defined aromas that accompany the virile body that is not too sweet...

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24 Birra Brunehaut Blanche No Glutine 0,33 l
53.00€ Ex Tax: 53.00€

PRODUCER: Brunehaut ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 5,5 CONTENT: 0,33 l DESCRIPTION: Pale color but slightly stronger than the typical blanche, it has a light and fine foam.The nose appears immediately fresh, the yeast feels good and also excellent floral notes appear.The mouth is soft, without being too bitter, round. Medium persistence, with a lightness and freshness that last from the first sip to the last...

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24 Birra Brunehaut Blonde No Glutine 0,33 l
55.75€ Ex Tax: 55.75€

PRODUCER: Brunehaut ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 6,5 CONTENT: 0,33 l DESCRIPTION: Very light golden appearance with delicate and persistent foam.The scent is of yeast, but also dominates aromas of acacia.The taste is balanced, almost round, partly marked by the touch of beeswax or pollen. The bitterness is very low, making it perfect as an aperitif, but actually suitable for any occasion...

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24 Birra Brunehaut Triple No Glutine 0,33 l
65.50€ Ex Tax: 65.50€

PRODUCER: Brunehaut ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 8 CONTENT: 0,33 l DESCRIPTION: Coppery, antique appearance, with a wide and persistent foam.The scent is elegant, discreet, with yeast.Rather cool, it has a full, persistent taste, the high alcohol content does not ruin the scents neither too sugary nor too caramelized, making it actually pleasantly balanced...

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