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Aged Grappa Monte Acuto in cardboard box

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Brand: BERTA

Product Code: Im Alter von Grappa Monte Acuto in Karton

CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: There is a time when the Monte Acuto was a mysterious fortress, a sort of suspended over the sea atoll, all around the profiles of hills that lined pines, made her look like ridges of prehistoric beasts. There was a time when the Monte Acuto was surrounded by extended sea, only a few emerged lands, the streams were disruptive, animals of all kinds. There was a time when the waters receded, the soil is lifted, and the landscapes were born. Dug by the waters, eroded by the winds, formed from nothing, that is how it appeared the rich and generous territory of the Roero screws. There was then, as long as the Mount Keen watched this territory, dominated him, became the home of a mysterious castle, gave him the name, protected him from attacks and made it big. There was the time when the emperors asked him asylum and he accepted, changed owners and he loved them, protected them. Monte Acuto become grappa, also lends her name. It is the selection of the best marc of this area takes shape. A tribute to the Berta family addresses the welcoming and generous place Roero. The result, a precious distillate.


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