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Doro Aged Gin

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Product Code: Doro Aged Gin

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Doro Aged Gin comes in a brown bottle with gilded motifs that recall the beautiful golden yellow color Gin, acquired thanks to aging in oak barrels. Here, in addition to juniper of Sardinia, we find other island botanicals: Salvia Desoleana, myrtle leaves, mastic tree, Artemisia, lemon peel and orange peel. Also in this case all the botanical are put in in alcohol infusion of cereals for thirty days and the gin is distilled using the same pot still, led to an alcohol content of 44% and aged in old chestnut barrels for a year. The botanical and aging make Doro Aged Gin very different from Only Wild Gin, also if also gives off strong juniper aromas accompanied by the scent of the maquis Mediterranean, to which, however, are joined notes sage, vanilla and citrus, in harmony with delicious scent of resin.


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