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6 Verduzzo Friulano doc 2018 - Tore delle Signore

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Product Code: 6 Verduzzo Friulano doc 2018 - Tore delle Signore

Tags:  Colli Orientali del Friuli

NATION: Italia
ZONE: Colli Orientali del Friuli
PRODUCER: Conte d'Attimis
COMPOSITION: 100% Verduzzo Friulano
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION:Wine produced in purity from Verduzzo Friulano " gold-plated " , indigenous grape of ancient origin which has experienced periods of strong (XVIII century) at the European courts they liked its unique characteristics : the balance between sweet and tannic components , its softness , the high residual sugar , combined with the roundness pleasant astringency , the beautiful golden color and the perfect combination of flavors and fragrances. Today a rational recovery of traditional winemaking practices and an annotated reading of biochemical phenomena involved has allowed an adjustment of the practices of yesterday to today's needs , the result is the Lord of Tore deeply rooted in the tradition of Friuli but wisely adapted to the current trends of taste and able to meet increasingly demanding palates . The manual harvest which takes place from October to early November and it 's a must that achieves a natural sugar concentration after drying on the vine to concentrate the sugars and flavors , more than 300 g / liter. After a brief cold maceration , fermentation starts spontaneously that lasts , at low temperature, until the month of December. It is aged in tank resting on the lees maintained at a low temperature to prevent the restart of fermentation. After this period, it is bottled and further refined in bottles stored horizontally in the underground bodega of the estate . The color is golden yellow when ripe buy amber hues . End with a marked varietal bouquet and hints of honey , with hints of citrus , dried fruits and candied . The taste is full , deliciously sweet . Balanced in the sensations of sweet and tannic with a final prolonged and intense . It ' a long-lived wine in a position to give their best at every stage of development: the expression of the grape reaches its peak in the first three years and can exceed six years in the bottle ( not without reason is considered " the reddest of white wines "). Not only dessert wine , ideal with appetizers such as foie gras, Gorgonzola, Montasio and Parmigiano shavings . At the end of lunch, the ideal marriage , it is with nuts or cookies . Also great meals out

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10 - 12 degrees centigrade


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