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Brandy Battonage Ximenez Spinola 2018

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Product Code: Brandy Battonage Ximenez Spinola 2018

Tags:  Andalusia

TYPE: Brandy
PRODUCER: Ximenez Spinola
CONTENTS: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: BRANDY BATTONAGE is a very fine distillate obtained from the sweet "Cosecha" wine. Cosecha wine is the most delicate of the company's sweet wines, produced by Pedro Ximénez, aged in small 300 liter French wooden barrels.

Brandy Battonage has a very aromatic and fruity aroma, reminiscent of the wine from which it is made. According to José Antonio Zarzana, brandy does not need long aging to be of great quality. In this distillate the purity of the fruit is sought instead of the elegance necessary for the slow maturation that is obtained in other cases with the permanence in barrels for long years. Purity that is released in every sip, with clear and precise sensations of ripe grapes, never covered by woody or astringent hints. The distillate is left to refine in the same barrels of Cosecha wine, where the yeasts of fermentation are still present.

During 8 months in the barrel, the distillate is subjected to "bâtonnage", a process used in oenology for white wines, through which the bottoms present in the liquid are moved, for a fee so that it acquires more intense aromas and flavors . It is an innovative process for Brandy, which opens the door to a new world of perfumes and sensations. A delicious brandy, with a long and delicate finish, extremely pleasant and velvety.


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