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Brandy Villa Zarri 18 anni millesimato 1987 Nudo D'Arte Magnum

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Product Code: Brandy Villa Zarri 18 anni millesimato 1987 Nudo D'Arte Magnum

TYPE: Brandy
PRODUCER: Villa Zarri
CONTENTS: 1,50 l

DESCRIPTION: It is a mixture of four Brandy a single year, the harvest 1987. The thousandth is highlighted on the label. Brandy comes from wine, to ognivendemmia, always has different characteristics due to the different climatic conditions of the season. The idea of ​​Brandy Millesimato therefore born from wanting to bottle a product that shows the characteristics of that particular vintage. The wines used are Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo, distilled with discontinuous method with Alembic Charentais, which maintains all the best features. The brandy is aged in small wooden barrels from France oak (Limousine and Allier) of 350 liters capacity. In the first year of aging we are used new barrels that give color to the distillate and tannins. Subsequently, the Brandy is poured into so-called depleted barrels that serve almost exclusively to the process of oxidation of tannins and alcohol. During the aging period, the alcohol content is slowly reduced by the addition of distilled water, until the consumption degree which in this case is 44% vol. Mahogany color, bright light, reflections of light and nutty background. The explosive nose, large and numerous flavors we recognize chestnut honey, marzipan and cumin. In the second phase it emerges the complexity, playing with hints of leather, nougat, dried figs, with the final based on the smoked tea and white chocolate. The taste conceals power and elegance, all based on the great balance and great softness of this fine brandy. In the aftertaste of dry biscuit on a final return of peanut butter. It 'a persuasive Brandy and sensual.


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