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Brandy Villa Zarri 10 anni assemblaggio

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Product Code: Brandy Villa Zarri 10 anni assemblaggio

TYPE: Brandy
PRODUCER: Villa Zarri
CONTENTS: 0,50 l

DESCRIPTION: They are the result of 'assembly of several vintages and several aging of Brandy. The number of years marked on the label indicates the youngest vintage present in the mixture, but on average have in both cases an average aging higher than that indicated. Traditional Assembling the name comes from the fact that traditionally the Brandy that is bottled is constituted by a mixture, or assembly, of various distillates of different vintages and aging. This is because the sum of the different organoleptic characteristics of the distillate gives the Brandy assembled a much more harmonious and full bouquet. Amber color with bright green gold brushstrokes. Prelude elegantly woodsy smell that paves the way for crisp scents of grapes in alcohol, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit and black tea leaves. Tasting, character and warmth introduce a fine and pleasant texture, which easily conquers the palate and melts into a long spicy finish.


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