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Brandy Solera Ximenez Spinola

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Product Code: Brandy Solera Ximenez Spinola

Tags:  Andalusia

TYPE: Brandy
PRODUCER: Ximenez Spinola
CONTENTS: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: We are dealing with a unique product of its kind, not so much for the product se'per itself, nor for the quality but for the origin of its raw material. It's always been the custom of winemakers of Jerez distilling wine of some barrels to obtain an authentic Brandy pure distillate of wine. However until 1948 when it was created for the first time this solera with three 250-liter barrels, no winemaker dedicated to the Pedro Ximenez grape cultivation had never done anything like that, and again this solera today remains the only of its kind in throughout Spain. Between 1948 and 2007, the solera increase of 49 barrels, reaching the 52 that make up present. These contain the distillate called "heart of the distillation", which implies that the yield per 1000 kg of fresh grapes is less than 90 liters of final distillate product. So having a high unit cost for many years this product was only consumed at the household level. In 2008, however after careful consideration the owner D. José Luis Palma Zarzana authorize her son to bottle this product so special, with the condition of not producing annually more than 2100 liters (3,000 bottles) and to ensure that aging was not less than 25 years. At the sight it turns out to be a beautiful color between amber and pale mahogany. In the olfactory phase, the alcoholic strengths, its own 40 degrees, it shows gently balanced with notes dried, mixed with the memory of aged wood. The taste is full-bodied, round, pleasant and deeply velvety, with a subtle sweet note that is very reminiscent of the raw material, which is the wood of the barrels in which e'invecchiato. The aftertaste is intense in the mouth and releases a very pleasant sensation that lasts a long time, making it a memorable product.


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