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Brandy Riserva 10 anni Erouva

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Product Code: Brandy Riserva 10 anni Erouva

CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: Production: December 2005 Release for Barrel: January 2006. Extraction: May 2016. Bottling: December 2016. Colour: characteristic bronze. Nose: vinous and spicy impact. notes of sandalwood, resin and sottosbosco. In the mouth: enveloping, velvety, intense and fruity. Royal persistence. Retro-olfaction: marsala, cinnamon and oak. Bouquet and complex with sweet ending: raisins, citrus and ripe plum. Delicate aromas of leather, vanilla and walnut accompany the austerity of its tannins. Overall Guest: the long aging gives this brandy a unique personality. Splendid structure. Extremely rich, satisfying. Recommended service glass: "Sherry" type cup. Ideal serving temperature: strictly room temperature after proper oxygenation, even a few minutes.


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