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Brandy Criaderas Ximenez Spinola

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Product Code: Brandy Criaderas Ximenez Spinola

Tags:  Andalusia

TYPE: Brandy
PRODUCER: Ximenez Spinola
CONTENTS: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: This is a distillation of the wines of our house, which is extracted from Criadera, which forms the first phase of the aging process of our famous brandy San Cristino "Solera 1948". After obtaining the alcohol distilled this brandy is aged in barrels of 750 liters of capacity chestnut, which have previously been used for aging of Pedro Ximenez. The special features of the chestnut is that it is a neutral wood that makes no changes to the original flavor of the product; the only slight aroma that has e'quello oxidation. It maintains a balance that is not ne'aggressivo nor astringent but rather gives the wine a slight characteristic fruity. The chestnut was the main wood used in Jerez to build the barrels before 1939, the year when the deforestation caused by the civil war forced him to replace it with American oak wood. Why none of the 38 barrels that make up this criadera owns less than 75 years. amber-colored brandy, clear and bright. Its aroma is intense but not heavy with aromas reminiscent of raisins and plums, arising from the type of cask in which is aged. The aroma persisenza is mainly due to the oxidation process, which offers the distillate an elegant fragrance and a sweet and mild intensity. In the mouth maintains a fine balance and clean, doing fully appreciate the original quality of aged brandy. It has a naturally sweet taste which helps to counteract the strong taste due to the high alcohol content, which almost does not perceive. It keeps the sweet taste of wood in which is aged without adding bitter notes, but rather offering a pleasant taste on the palate. It has a full round taste aromatic terms of taste.


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