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Gin Bluecoat
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COUNTRY: United States ALCOHOL: 47.0 CONTENT: 0,70 l Unique in its kind, is distinguished from its cousins ​​in London for its organic ingredients and, above all, for its juniper from the eastern Mediterranean, more spicy and earthy, and for its citrus Americans. Produced from certified organic ingredients and distilled five times in a copper alembic revision, Bluecoat gin is the first in Philadelphia, where I was born the United States. Each blend is crafted, heated in the slowest way to separate the best in the world and liberate alcohols distilled from impurities..

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Gin Bluecoat Barrel Reserve
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COUNTRY: United States ALCOHOL: 47.0 CONTENT: 0,70 l Bluecoat Gin finished Barrel is aged for at least three months in American oak barrels. This aging process gives whiskey-like notes and hints of caramel, making this gin a delicious alternative for classic cocktails like the old style or Martinez..

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