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Apfelbrand- apple distillate 0,35 l

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Product Code: Apfelbrand- Apfel-Destillat 0,35 l

Tags:  Austria

COUNTRY: Austria
PRODUCER: Pfau Brand
CONTENTS: 0,35 l

DESCRIPTION: Pfau guidelines Quality grows in the orchard. The fruit comes from crops organic farming of the surrounding area. The distillate is composed exclusively from fruit. Only fresh and ripe fruit is used. Neither the ground and fermented fruit nor the distillate is added sugar. Double distillation takes place in a copper alembic. The distillation head and tail are separated. They do not come used additional aromas. There is no added alcohol. All the distillates are marked by the vintage. Just as nature changes from year to year, so these differences manifest themselves in the different distillate years. These are 100% distillates. Alcohol is obtained exclusively from the sugar contained in the fruit. The taste is derived 100% from nature. Distillation is an art. Member of the Quinta Essentia. Production of quality distillates Quality grows in the orchard. Only fresh fruit is used mature. The fruit is cleaned and ground. The fermentation lasts depending on the sugar content of the fruit itself from one to maximum 4 weeks. The yeast turns the sugar into alcohol. The result is "fine" alcohol and "bad" alcohol. As soon as it ends fermentation begins distillation. Only the central part of the distillation, the heart, is extracted. The high-graded distillate then it matures in glass and steel containers. After about 2/3 years pure water is added to the distillate, until reaching the desired alcoholic strength (43 Vol.%). Subsequently the still ripe in the bottle. The price is according to the value of the fruit and its sugar content. With 1,000 kg of raspberries, about 15 liters of alcohol are obtained, which give 30 to 35 liters of distilled ready to taste. Distillation Alcohol rich in natural flavors through distillation contained in the ground and fermented fruit is divided by the other components. With the first distillation the ground and fermented fruit. What you get is collected in a first container. What was achieved with the first distillation is again distilled. During this process, because of the different boiling temperatures of individual alcohols, the "precious" alcohol is separated from the "bad" alcohol. It is held only the central part of distillation, the heart. The heart contains the best aromatic components of fruit. The precious distillate high alcohol content is made to flow through the counter official in the distillate warehouse. Here the distillate matures and yes evolves qualitatively.


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