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Aperitivo Ramazzotti 1 l

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Product Code: Aperitivo Ramazzotti 1 l

Ramazzotti revolutionizes the aperitif. The secret? The nature. Fun, conviviality and pleasure have a new ally that renews the idea of ​​an aperitif in a contemporary way. Natural ingredients and no artificial coloring: this is the recipe of Aperitivo Ramazzotti. Sweet orange and aromatic herbs explode in a harmony of tastes and sensations to offer a revolutionary taste experience, refreshing and slightly alcoholic. The air du temps imposes 'puffs' green and feeds a careful, conscious, healthy way of life, in tune with the vital rhythms. Aperitif Ramazzotti is the most ... natural answer. Today a new vision of the aperitif that reflects and respects the environment is born. A unique, enthralling and distinctive aroma, inimitable at the sensorial level like a precious gem; an intense, genuine, bewitching taste that envelops the palate leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste; an amber orange color that conveys lightness and light-heartedness. Result of careful research, Aperitivo Ramazzotti has undergone numerous qualitative and quantitative tests to guarantee a product of the highest quality. Ramazzotti Aperitif: nature bursts into the aperitif ritual and does so through a company - Pernod Ricard Italia - always synonymous with authenticity and respect for the environment.


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