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Aperitif Bitter Artisan

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Product Code: Aperitif Bitter Artisan

TYPE: Artisan Liquor
NATION: Italia
ZONE: Trentino
PRODUCER: Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet e Enrico Giordana
CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION:Argalà in low-Piedmontese dialect means satisfied, but not a "happy" whatever: it's almost a peace of mind. The brand was officially born in 2011 with the production of the first Italian artisan pastis brainchild of two young men, both born in 1983: Henry Jordan - who inherits the tradition of the Distillery Giordana of Roccavione founded by his grandfather and closed shortly before his birth - and Piero Nuvoloni-Bonnet whose past summers in France, in Grenoble, carry the memories and aromas of this drink. Thus it was born the desire to produce a unique and excellent pastis, which differed from the industrial ones. For Argalà production so chooses only ingredients from organic farming: anise, plants grown in the Cuneo valleys, wild herbs gathered in the mountains, mixtures of carefully selected spices and sugar to the Fair Trade cane. The work can be summarized in three important moments: the infusion in cold bath of alcohol, plant and spice, the alcoholate extraction in pot stills and the slow settling, which occurs without the use of fining agents. Find good, and Enrico Piero compared numerous varieties of ancient and modern apples. They are thus able to develop a liqueur made from 12 different varieties, to balance the flavor profile and find the right balance between sugars and acids, known to peel, seed and pulp. The production is seasonal, from October to December.


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