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Ancho Reyes

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Product Code: Ancho Reyes

NATION: Mexiko
PRODUCER: Licoreria Reyes
CONTENT: 0,7 l

DESCRIPTION: 1927, Puebla, Mexico: in the cellars of the Barrio del Artista, there are rumors of a new mixture of the curious formula, crafted from native ingredients. The drink, which soon would become extremely popular, was drawn from a recipe of the Reyes family, which included as the main ingredient the product more known among the crops of Puebla: the Ancho Chile, the variety Capsicum annuum. Traditionally the local farmers gather chili poblano - extremely fine - between August and September only once every three years. Some of these peppers, green when ripe, is left to mature on the plant further to lose moisture and concentrate its flavor, while changing color. Between October and November, the final harvest and drying in the sun: this complex process we get the Ancho Chile. The best examples of this product, from different villages in the region of Puebla, are hand-cut and macerated in a distilled cane sugar, in small vats of maple, for the course of six months. After a rest period of a further 6 months, the macerate is ready to be bottled. Thus was born Ancho Reyes, absolute innovation in the category of liquor spicy, albeit with a traditional recipe Central American turn of the century: already cult drink in the United States, drunk en las rocas, with michelada or correct Margarita and Mojito, Ancho Reyes It is set to become the new frontier of the international scene of mixology.


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