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Amarone della Valpolicella doc 2013

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Product Code: Amarone della Valpolicella doc 2013

Tags:  Valpolicella

NATION: Italia
ZONE: Valpolicella
PRODUCER: Allegrini
COMPOSITION: 80% Corvina veronese - 15% Rondinella - 5% Oseleta
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION:Structured wine, complex, elegant, velvety. The color is deep ruby ​​red, hot and spicy bouquet and aroma of dried fruit. It is produced with Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Oseleta, through the ancient technique that. This technique foresees that the grapes, after harvesting, are left to rest for a period ranging from 3 to 4 months. Amarone and 'wine is extremely important in the Italian wine scene, exclusive and unique symbol of Valpolicella. Over time Allegrini, who has perfected the production aiming to maintain the integrity 'of the fruit, and it' place as one of the most 'authentic interpreters of his uniqueness. It is traditionally paired with dishes of wild game, grilled meat, stews and mature cheeses. With hints of drying the grapes, Amarone can 'be proposed with original dishes and fascinating flavors sweet and sour, so it blends perfectly with the creations of Asian and Middle East. Best served at a temperature of 16 ° C and uncork a few minutes before serving.


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