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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico doc 2010

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Product Code: Amarone della Valpolicella Classico doc 2010

Tags:  Valpolicella

REGION: Veneto
AREA: Valpolicella
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION: The Amarone of Valpolicella Trabucchi is produced mainly from native Corvina and Corvinone grapes. The Corvinone, brought to the right maturation, makes it more rich, velvety and intensely fruity. The other vines of interest are the Rondinella, which reminiscent of the taste of cherry, the Oseleta with fresh acidity and with good tannin content, the Croatina which gives floral and fruity feelings. It comes from a dark-colored wine with almost purple reflections. The perfume gives a feeling of dried rose and then of plum, wild cherry and candied fruit. Very particular the olfactory opening given by these three so classic elements: the dried rose, the fruit jam and the candied side. The taste is intense, because it already has a wealth that comes from the fruity charge; There is a tannicity that is tasty, fine, measured, but that envelops the whole taste. The wine comes caressing in the mouth and gives a tactile feeling thanks to its density and extraction wealth. Harvest: Harvesting is done exclusively by hand; The selection of clusters begins in the second week of September and lasts until the end of October. Drizzle: Hand-picked grapes are squeezed from September to January, with an average weight drop of 50% grapes. Destruction and fermentation: Sepia-separated grains enter the fermentin in early January, almost complete; Slow work of fermentation and carbon dioxide slowly opens the grapes until the slow release of the pulp. The fermentation process is slow for about 40 days. This procedure allows maximum extraction of colorants, tannins and aromatic components. Serving temperature: 18-20 degrees.


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