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Amaro Zarri Magnum

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Product Code: Amaro Zarri Magnum

PRODUCER: Villa Zarri
CONTENTS: 1,50 l

DESCRIPTION: Our Amaro comes from the tradition of Zarri family, following a recipe guarded by half a century in the archives of Villa Zarri cellars. This digester is prepared with cold infusion in alcohol of 28 very precious herbs and aromatic roots with a bitter taste and elegant, among which we can mention the quassia, rhubarb, absinthe, the pigeon, licorice, mint, china, the gentian, the zest of bitter and sweet orange and many others. The extract thus obtained is then left to stand for several months in a steel container, before being led to the consumption degree of 35 degrees. At this point it is ready to be filtered and bottled. Bright shades of dark brown with slight green gold. The nose is large and elegant, full of seductive aromas of orange peel, rhubarb, mint, gentian, aloe, cinchona bark, walnut, licorice, prunes, roasted coffee and medicinal herbs. On the palate gets soft, perfectly balanced, moderately warm and enveloping; sporting a long progression in which you enhance the taste of roasted coffee notes and stick of licorice, with refined balsamic echoes.


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