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Amaro Succi

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Product Code: Amaro Succi

PRODUCER: Erba Volant
CONTENT: 0,70 l

DESCRIPTION: Erba Volant is a project born from the meeting of two great wine producers, Lorenzo Perego and Sergio Foglino, united by the love for their work, a passion for tradition and a strong creative drive. Lorenzo and Sergio met thanks to a photo, published by the latter on the web, where the vines appeared shining with the glare of the sun on the snow: this struck Lorenzo so much that he pushed him to contact Sergio to ask him to use it as a source of inspiration for one of his paintings. Erba Volant owes its birth, therefore, to the transport of both its founders for beauty and their propensity for alchemical play. The Amaro Succi is produced, instead, according to the ancient recipe of the Brothers Succi of Nizza Monferrato, dating back to 1896. Starting from alcohol, sugar, water, aromatic herbs and, indeed, Cardo Gobbo of Nizza Monferrato, Lorenzo and Sergio have obtained a brown liqueur, fresh, complex and with extreme bitterness, as well as rich, tonic and digestive.


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