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Bcn Gin
48.50€ Ex Tax: 48.50€

NATION:Spain ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 40,0 CONTENT: 0,70 l A distilled gin in the silent mountains of the Priorat with Mediterranean botanicals...

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Gin Amazzoni
36.50€ Ex Tax: 36.50€

NATION:Brazil ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 42,0 CONTENT: 0,70 l Amázzoni is not only the first gin created in Brazil in a dedicated distillery, but also contains five ingredients never before used as botanical principles in a gin. Juniper berries, pink pepper, laurel, lemon, mandarin and coriander with the addition of five new Amazonian: cocoa, brazilian chestnut, maxixe, water lily and coco cravo. The ingredients, 11 in all, are macerated in their natural state in cereal alcohol distilled in a large copper alembic, the first ever designed and fused in Brazil, beating heart and pride of the La Cachoeira distillery. The perfect mix between classic botanicals and local ingredients creates a balanced London Dry with an amazon soul: organic cocoa seeds, the fruit of maxixe (a typical South American watermelon) and the crab cipò give a fresh note while the chestnut Brazilian gives an oily texture and a soft finish...

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Vermut Bcn
25.50€ Ex Tax: 25.50€

NATION:Spain ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 18,0 CONTENT: 0,75 l To produce this unique vermouth and distinctive are distilled typical of fresh botanicals Mountains of the Priory as berries juniper, rosemary, elderberry and especially orange zest. They are then left to macerate alcohol in a series of botanical traditional such as cloves, angelica, cinnamon and absinthe some weeks. As a base It uses a Grenacia from grape wine white from the south of the Catalonia. The BCN has a Vermouth deep amber color tending to caramel that recalls the Vermouth appreciated in the Mediterranean region for over a century...

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