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Acquavite Uve d' Alexander

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Product Code: Acquavite Uve d' Alexander

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The quality and care of the raw material represent the first and most important step for the production of a good grape brandy. For this reason, only healthy grapes are selected, cultivated in suitable areas, harvested at the height of the aromatic and polyphenolic maturity. We proceed to the destemming and a soft pressing and the must obtained is fermented in the presence of the skins adding selected yeasts. The stalks are eliminated in order to avoid a release of tannic and herbaceous hints while the berries are gently pressed because the laceration of the skins could lead to unpleasant notes. The fermentation temperature is carefully controlled and kept constant to allow the yeasts to work in the best conditions. When the sugary component has been almost completely transformed into alcohol, one proceeds to distillation inside a discontinuous alembic in which the heating takes place in a bain-marie (indirect system and therefore more delicate). In this way a refined brandy is obtained, characterized by the aromas and perfumes of the grapes from which it originates that, before bottling, is refined for a short time in steel tanks.


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