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8 Birra Brains The Reverend James 0,50 l

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Product Code: 8 Birra Brains The Reverend James 0,50 l

NATION: Wales - Great Britain
CONTENT: 0,50 l

DESCRIPTION: With all the nuances of caramel malt (mou, chestnut honey, toffèe, hazelnuts toasted ..) this Brown Ale makes us do a dive back in time. Soft and delicate both on the nose and on the palate, the Reverend James is velvety and pleasant. Only on the final you start to feel a slight hint of hops, a slight herbaceous note perfect for be able to rebalance this great beer. Beer with an ancient charm, the origni of Reverend James date back to the late nineteenth century when Brains bought a small one Cardiff Brewery, the Crown Buckley Brewery. At the time the Crown was used produce an Ale dedicated to one of the first owners of the brewery, the Reverend James Buckley, a businessman with two roles a little contrasting: to save their soul but satisfy your thirst! From that recipe traditional today derives this historical beer.


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