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6 Serprino doc Frizzante

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Product Code: 6 Serprino doc Frizzante

Tags:  Colli Euganei

NATION: Italia
ZONE: Colli Euganei
COMPOSITION: 100% Serprino 
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION: The Serprino grapes, which have always been grown on the Euganean Hills, are the same from the viticultural point of view and therefore considered synonymous with the Prosecco grape.

Numerous searches have not succeeded with certainty in identifying the true homeland, but it is certain that the name of this grape variety was given by the homonymous town near Trieste, where it was initially called Glera. In the town of Prosecco, although boasting the birthplace of this grape variety, today it is no longer present if not very limited.

Another sure thing is that the Serprina grape has been cultivated for centuries on the slopes of the Euganean Hills and that therefore it can be considered in all respects the autochthonous grape of the Euganean Hills

In any case, the Serprina grape has found an enviable and particular habitat on the Euganean Hills where it expresses high quality levels. From it, La Costa obtains the renowned Serprino sparkling wine

The harvest of the autochthonous grape takes place slightly earlier than full maturity since the alcoholic strength of the base wine does not exceed 10.5 ° alcohol.

The grapes arrived in the cellar are de-stemmed and cooled to a temperature of 7-8 degrees.

Pressed softly by means of a pneumatic press, the must obtained is placed in a steel tank for 12 hours at controlled temperature to make itself clear.

Transferred it is fermented at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C.

By means of constant and careful checks, it is assessed whether it needs further decanting or other cellar operations.

The wine is filtered and prepared for refermentation which takes place in special tanks called autoclaves, where it reaches the desired pressure. Sparkling wine with a fresh and graceful aromatic profile with sensations reminiscent of a floral bouquet and notes of fruit and citrus. Wine is like a carefree, pleasant and fresh scent. It offers the same requirements as sparkling prosecco accompanied by a sweeter foam.

To drink at any time alone. As an appetizer and appetizers of raw fish. Snack with salami and light cheeses.


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