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6 Amarone della Valpolicella docg 2011 - Il Bosco

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Product Code: 6 Amarone della Valpolicella docg 2011 - Il Bosco

Tags:  Valpolicella

REGION: Veneto
AREA: Valpolicella
CONTENT: 0,75 l

DESCRIPTION: Fruit of a mixture, consisting of about 80% Corvina, 20% of Rondinella. Only the Bunches from the vineyard "the wood" contribute to the production of this wine. During harvest, only the perfectly integer clusters are selected Dry, then laid, in low cassettes, with a single layer of clusters. They remain at Dry in well-ventilated areas called fruit, to avoid the risk of attack Of molds. The drying process lasts until late January, during these months i Bunches are constantly checked and eventually removed if damaged. At the end of the grapes grapes lose 30-40% of their weight as they grow The sugar concentration, indispensable, during the subsequent fermentation, To ensure a substantial alcohol content (around 15%). Maceration is carried out in contact with the skins for a period of 20-30 days. During the fermentation, due to the high alcohol content produced, the yeasts will have to Be highly selected and resistant to both alcohol and cold (the period of Fermentation of the Ash is between January and February). After the product has been removed Is started in steel tanks to carry malolactic fermentation in Months later. At this point the maturation phase begins, which will last 2 years with Refinement in barriques (French oak) and large barrel (Slavonian oak). Intense red color with purple reflections. Characteristic aroma of cherry, spices, cocoa, Bitter almonds. Full, velvety, warm, complex and at the same time fine wine And elegant.

HOW TO SERVE: At a temperature of 16-18 ° C


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