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24 Juices Lychee MAO

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Brand: MAO

Product Code: 24 Säfte Lychee MAO

COUNTRY: Austria
MANUFACTURER: Mao Fruite Juice
CONTENT: 0,25 l

DESCRIPTION: The new juices fruit and exotic tastes high quality. The flavor tropical and refreshing in perfect harmony with the attractive design of It can guarantee a taste just as unforgettable squeezed. Only the fruits matured naturally, after being selected in meticulously, are squeezed and packaged in the exclusive tin so as to achieve that unique taste and unmistakable. Fruit juices MAO are not only the luxury of a superior taste, but also a tactile experience and perspective. Cold chain is not required! A maturity of 24 months! Up to 20% fewer calories of other fruit juices!


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