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24 Birra Schelde Zeezuiper

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Product Code: 24 Birra Schelde Zeezuiper

NATION: Belgium
CONTENT: 0,33 l

DESCRIPTION: The Zeezuiper is an extraordinary triple Belgian with an intense golden color that in glass gives rise to a hat of compact, white and persistent foam. On the nose the soft notes of acacia honey they are the background for the perfumed harmonies of white fruit (grape and pear) and tropical fruit (mango green, lychee) and for a splendid bouquet of spring flowers. In the mouth it is extremely balanced and drinkable. We find the pleasantness of honey resulting from the use of light malt perfectly balanced by presence of a delicate bitter end a lot pleasant and not at all invasive. The aftertaste clean and slightly fruity makes it extraordinarily drinkable despite the good alcohol. Zeezuiper is the name of a nature park located along the Schelde river estuary. At one time, in these places, during the tides the sea went far beyond today in the coast and on these occasions the old ones they said that the sea "traccannava" the land. For this reason those places took the name of "Zeezuiper" that in Flemish means "sea" (Zee) "drinking so immoderate "(Zuiper).


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