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24 Birra Schelde Dulle Griet

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Product Code: 24 Birra Schelde Dulle Griet

NATION: Belgium
CONTENT: 0,33 l

DESCRIPTION: Founded in Gravenpolder in the Netherlands in 1993, the Scheldebrouwerij he moved to Meer, in the north of the Belgian Flanders, in 1998. Currently it produces approximately one dozens of beers, all unique in theirs genus, unfiltered or pasteurized as in the most ancient tradition. Beers very original and brilliant born also thanks to the skill of the current master Gust Hermans brewer. Each of the beers presented by this little one brouwerij encloses the exact today union between the Belgian tradition and brewery style innovation. The softness of the caramel malt and the aromas of fruit brought from particular yeast come together in this dark Dubbel but absolutely delicate.


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