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20 Birra Bernard Dark Lager 0,50 l

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Product Code: 20 Birra Bernard Dark Lager 0,50 l

NATION: Czech Republic
CONTENT: 0,50 l

DESCRIPTION: If the Pilsner are today the best known beers of Bohemia, among the most traditional beers we certainly find the Černý Ležák, that is the dark Lager (black). Rich with scents that they recall dark chocolate, licorice and at times the softer coffee roasts, in reality they hide a great balance and a pleasant drink. Located in the heart of Bohemia, in the beautiful town of Humpolec, the Bernard Pivovar continues to produce, today as in the past, those jewels that the Czech brewing tradition has brought up to us. Not pasteurized, to be able to savor the true fragrance of the best beer, they will make you dive into a world made of perfumes and aromas now forgotten.


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